Here comes the sun: 2021 Spring fashion has bright colors


As the spring season is approaching and the weather is getting warmer, the clothing style is changing as well. Winter brought us the fashion of leather coats, sweaters, yoga pants and turtle necks.  Though everyone has different styles, I have many predictions for trends in the upcoming spring and summer seasons. My inspiration comes from scrolling through Pinterest, looking at magazines and being on the fashion side of TikTok.

Illustration by Grace Virgillito

For the first TOP-ic of discussion: shirts and tops. Funky shirts will become all the rage. Spring is full of bright colors and lively new beginnings, which will be reflected in the clothing. Having a top that is brightly colored and intricately designed can be easily paired with plain bottoms. Tank tops that tie in the back or cross over the body will become more popular and perfect for fancy summer time occasions, as will buttoned down sweaters. Sweater vests became a trend over the fall and I think the sweater material tops will continue to flourish. I think tops will become more of the focus for outfits and be very eye catching, especially when you pair them with a plain colored pant or skirt. 

Another trend that I think will thrive this coming season is a LBS, or little black skirt. When you have one plain skirt that can go with anything, you can combine different unique pieces to create a fun vibrant outfit. As the weather continues to warm up, skirts may become more sought-after, and leather and khaki would be the perfect color to spice up an outfit. And, if skirts aren’t your go-to, flared or straight pants continue to be a constant trend among young people.

Now, let’s talk about jewelry. Usually people tend to pick two categories for jewelry: gold or silver. But what if you mixed them?  Having gold and silver jewelry incorporated into your outfit can bring a unique aspect. This can be expressed through earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. Chunky rings or necklaces can be flaunted, while having simple earrings can bring the jewelry aspect of an outfit together.

Talking about outfits in general, I see one specific trend more and more while I scroll through Pinterest: outfit color coordination, which is the idea of taking one color from a multicolored top and matching it to the color of the bottoms. For example, if a top is red, blue, and a little bit of purple, the bottoms of the outfit would be the same color purple as well. In other words, you are just matching your tops and bottoms together.

Now let’s talk about the spring aesthetic. I feel like we will see more floral patterns incorporated into outfits, and pops of color like pink, green, orange and yellow will make a statement. My prediction is that the aesthetic of this spring will be focused more on clothing inspired by the early 2000s and the 70s. Although fashion is ever changing, these are just a few trends I predict will come about in the near future. I suggest going to find items of clothing that you love and will make you confident! 

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