POV: Working a Restaurant Night

Mia Tatten ‘23 hard at work scooping some sorbet at the start of the Marian fundraising event on Sept. 2. With her help, TCBY ended up bringing in over $200. Photo by Lauren Martin

By J1 Reporter Lauren Martin

Throughout the entirety of Walk-A-Thon, Marian’s school wide fundraiser, many restaurant nights have been hosted to help bring in more money. Several of these restaurant nights were able to happen because of connections each place has to people in the Marian community. A big part of this was due to students being employed at various places throughout Omaha.  

As Principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan has expressed, she loves getting frozen yogurt from TCBY. Knowing this, senior Ryan Sully reached out to TCBY for a school wide restaurant night. 

Marian students junior Mia Tatten, junior Bella Luetkenhaus, and myself, worked this event on Sept. 2. Being a Marian girl, working a shift where the majority of the customers are from the Marian community is a lot different than working an ordinary shift. We were all greeted by our peers which made this shift a more positive experience. 

As manager Elyse says, “You could tell who was a Marian girl, and you could tell who wasn’t. The staff was a little stressed to have our regular Thursday customers along with the whole school, but all I got was positive feedback from all of the employees saying how polite each Marian student was.” 

Right when I arrived for my shift at 3:30, a group of seniors walked in. While checking them out at the register I said, “Three receipts for the senior class?” Their response was, “No, we’re actually going to give ours to the freshmen.” This uplifting encounter occurred a couple of times throughout the rest of the night where grades would donate 20% of their total to a different grade level. This shows what the Marian community is truly about and is an example of unity throughout the school. Each grade can get pretty competitive, but at the end of the day, everyone is working toward the same goal.

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