Teachers Speak Out About Their Walk-A-Thon

J1 Reporter Theresa Mueller

Oct. 1, 2021

On Sept. 24, students and teachers set off on their routes for Walk-a-Thon. Freshmen and sophomores walked the long route and juniors and seniors walked the shorter, but there is still an unanswered question. Between all the classes making their treks, where do the teachers go? How do the teachers feel about this? Here’s the inside scoop on Marian teachers’ views on WAT.

Mr. Mark Koesters the Theology teacher  and Mrs. Stacy Tunink the science teacher walked the long route and short route respectively. When asked about this year specifically, they were both very happy with the weather, Koesters mentioned the drizzly weather of 2019 as a less than ideal walk compared to the 73 degree F this year.

He also said walking the long way is actually his preference, he feels proud to be able to walk the whole distance at his age. Koesters has been teaching at Marian nearly 35 years, starting in 1987. Tunink is much the opposite, saying she prefers the short walk but signs up to do the long walk out of courtesy. “Some can’t physically do it, so us that can take one for the team,.” Tunink said. However, she was glad to be assigned the short way. 

Koesters always looks forward to WAT as a break day without classes, and a walk with friends. “Yes, it’s just like students,”he said. Tunink said she enjoys the excitement everyone has but does not specifically look forward to the actual walking. “I’m fundamentally lazy, so no, I don’t.” But rest assured, they both look forward to it every year.

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