Masek the mascot: Meet Marian’s 2021-2022 mascot


On May 19, 2021, junior Anne Masek was chosen as the Crusader Mascot for the Class of 2022 at the Senior Honors Assembly. “When I found out I was chosen, there was a huge adrenaline rush, and I could not stop smiling,” Masek said. “I could not believe I was selected, and it was a total surprise,” Masek said. During the ceremony,  former mascot Katie Corpuz ’21 gave Masek a sword and shield. “I’m hoping to find a cape and a hobby horse soon,” Masek said.  

The position is given to an energetic, spunky and cheerful rising senior who has the important task of leading the student section for all sporting events throughout the school year. Masek has plenty of leadership experience from being a class officer and being a Freshman Retreat Leader that will guide her throughout the different sporting events. As a current senior, “My job is to ‘hype up’ the Crusader fans and the team, lead the student section, and come up with themes for each sporting event,” Masek said.

The first game Masek attended as the Crusader was the Marian Varsity volleyball Gymboree game on Aug. 24. Masek and a few other students cheered the team on as they competed in the scrimmages. “My favorite part of being the Crusader is leading the chants and encouraging the future of Marian athletics, ” Masek said. 

Masek formed the “ultimate hype squad” this year to help her cheer on all athletes. “It is kind of like an unofficial pep squad,” Masek said. The 2-3 chosen members from each grade are in charge of encouraging students to attend games, and letting people know when games happen. Essentially, their job is to be loud. Masek is the president of the “ultimate hype squad” and senior Audrey Van Dyke is the Co-President. The members involved are seniors Erin Connelly, Sydney Witkowski and Jordan Moser, juniors Ellie Cusick and Tamyiah Nielson, sophomores Ruthie Barrett and Mariella Virgilito and freshmen Ellie Brabec and Lucy Ambrose. 

Mascot Annie Masek poses in her senior citizen gear while waiting for the game to start. Senior night was on October 12th and the theme was “senior citizens.” She led the student section in cheering on their classmates, which helped the team win. 

Masek’s favorite game to lead cheers so far this year was the volleyball game against Elkhorn South. The theme was neon and “I liked it because we had a lot of good energy in the stands,” Masek said.

This year, Masek introduced “Mascot Monday’s.” Every Monday, Masek introduces the athletic schedule for all sports that week over the intercom. The purpose is to “let the students know when they can come and cheer on their classmates and wish them good luck in the hallways,” Masek said.

Along with Mascot Monday’s, Masek came up with punch cards for this year’s athletic events. “Punch cards are another incentive to encourage students to come to the games,” Masek said. “When you attend a sporting event, a teacher will mark your card for each game you go to,” Masek said. The person with the most punches on their card receives a prize at the end of the sporting season. 

Some sporting events are boss point events and Masek announces these events on social media and during the Mascot Monday announcements. Alongside Masek is Junior Crusader Amelia Roth. “Amelia is a fall sports athlete playing volleyball, but she will attend winter and spring events after the volleyball season ends,” Masek said. “I can’t wait to show her the ropes, so she can feel prepared for next year and carry on new traditions,” Masek said. 

Masek’s favorite cheers are “Form the avocado,” “We’ve got spirit,” and “Jump, shake your booty.” She is most looking forward to picking themes for the different events. “I am also looking forward to leading the student section during soccer games in the spring,” Masek said. As the 2022 Crusader, she reminds the whole student body to “be heard, be strong, be proud,” while cheering on all sports teams, Masek said.

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