Fraternal Twins Play Side by Side

By J1 Reporter Courtney Long

Every year as the Marian basketball season approaches, McKenna and Madison Stover get ready for another season side by side. McKenna and Madison Stover are fraternal twins with identical interests. Since the age of 4 the Stover twins have been playing basketball together and have continued that as sophomores.

       After 12 years of playing together, they have gotten used to people assuming they are cousins or distantly related. The assumptions disappear as soon as someone watches them play together, and it becomes obvious that they have a twin connection. They have spent countless hours playing games and shooting around with each other, pushing each other to get better.

Madison Stover jumps out of her chair to congratulate her sister after coming out of the tough battle with Bellevue East High School at Marian on Jan 15, 2022. The Stover sisters are always there for each other on and off the bench to keep each other motivated. Photo by Omaha Sports.

       They share a special love for the game and never take any moment for granted. They truly love playing with each other and have made lifelong memories throughout the years. “My favorite part about playing with Madison is that we have always played together and I know no matter what type of game I’m playing she will be the first person there to celebrate with me or lift me up,” McKenna said. 

       The Stover sisters are left speechless when trying to think about something that they do not enjoy about playing with each other. 

       Their connection on the court is contagious and does not just affect them, it affects the team and everyone playing with them. Senior Katie Sulentic says, “You can always count on them to work hard and bring a positive, encouraging attitude.” The two are always on top of their game and if they aren’t, they’re making sure they can push each other as hard as they can to get there. 

       Another factor that goes into the Stover’s connection with the game is how they compete against each other. When going against each other in practice, their competitiveness comes out and they prove to each other that neither of them want to lose. 

Illustration by Courtney Long

       “We are way more competitive with each other, but it encourages us to work harder,” Madison said. While watching them compete against each other, it is no secret that they refuse to let each other win. 

       The Stover twins do not stop pushing each other, and at the end of the day, they are still each other’s biggest fans. Madison and McKenna both have important roles on the Marian Varsity basketball team and their impact makes a difference. 

       The twins add a special touch to the team and their bond gets stronger and stronger every day, even if that means diving on top of each other to get a loose ball. They plan on continuing their bond throughout senior year. There is no doubt that they will make many more memories together.

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