Greisch moderates prom planning committee

By J1 reporter Korina Liekhus

Imagine you’re trying to plan a very event that teens dream about and spend hundreds of dollars preparing for with Miss Sara Greisch. Greisch is planning prom 2023 with 18 juniors that volunteered. This is her first year as the leader of this committee. 

Miss Sara Greisch moderates prom planning committee meeting on Oct. 27, 2022. Photo by Korina Liekhus.

Greisch graduated from Marian in 2015 and she remembers that her classmates came only for the coronation then danced for a little while before leaving. Her senior prom theme was Frozen in Time. . Greisch did not help plan prom nor did she attend prom her junior year. 

Greisch was super excited about the DJ. “The DJ makes or breaks it along with the theme.” The business and technology teacher Craig Panning, who was the prom planning moderator for two years, agrees with the above statement. The prom committee has already hired a DJ

The committee helping is also a big part of a successful prom. “[It] starts off with a good and creative committee. Having a solid theme is important because everything builds off of that,” Panning said. 

Greisch decided to lead the prom planning committee this year because she wanted to get more involved with the school. “Truthfully, I hope people stay longer than 30 minutes. I want everyone to have a great time and remember their prom experience as well as have a wonderful time” Greisch said. Greisch’s goal is to have a prom people want to be at. Greisch is super excited to be the moderator this year. 

The theme for prom 2023 has already been decided and will be announced in the prom announcement video in January.

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