Ellie Smith’s Photo Portfolio

Portrait of a Person

Artie Smith

The Environment

Candlewood Sky


Balancing the Years Junior Ellie Fogarty balances a stack of Marian Yearbooks on her feet during her Journalism 1 class. Although the books fell, Ellie stayed strong in her stance. 


Practice Makes Perfect Freshman Lea Fals plays her 3-key euphonium during her Honors Band and Strings class. She has been playing for two years and is excited to continue playing at Marian.


Space Song


Hand Picked


Cat Cafe 

Academic Moment

Geometric Sophomore Kate McAlpine focuses hard as she works on her art project in Art Foundations with Mrs. Kris Calhoun. While listening to her favorite music, McAlpine perfected her drawing of geometric shapes.

Marian Spirit/Core Value

Lunch Bunch Freshmen Camryn Veldhuis, Slaine Regan and Kelsey Bragg smile and laugh as they enjoy each other’s company at lunch on Feb. 13. Veldhuis, Regan and Bragg met at the beginning of the year and continue to grow their friendship through memorable moments at Marian. 

Emotional Response

Summer Smiles Summer air always brings a smile to Caitlin Smith’s ‘26 face. Caitlin laughed joyfully as she enjoyed her favorite songs in the car on a warm night in July. 

My ethics statement is Capture memories to look back on the truth.

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