Changes to Esprit de Corps continue to emphasize Field Day community core value

Story by Madison Shaffar & Ellie Fogarty

Bridget Finnegan ’26, Mary McKay ’25,
Niara Berry-Bowie ’24, and Jaimi Henton ’23 gather
as members of each class before parading into Baxter

With the intention of encouraging positive attitudes, the Esprit de Corps category now represents sisterhood and channels the Marian spirit while setting the foundation for collaboration during Field Week.

In previous years, a select group of faculty members started to review each class as soon as Color Block ended. They would look for moments where girls showed kindness to people in their own class, as well as to other

classes. By the end of all Field Day festivities, the 40 points were awarded to the class that modeled Esprit De Corps the best.

This year looked a little different for Marian girls. Along with a few other rule book modifications, Esprit de Corps was no longer worth points towards Field Day judging.

During a series of meetings this year, the Class Officers and Student Board members reviewed the Field Day rule book. They looked for any areas that might need changing. After discussing the Esprit de Corps category, its point value was voted out of the rule book.

Now, the class that wins the category will instead receive the spirit stick on Field Day. The stick represents their class’ success in embodying the Marian spirit through their actions to their classmates.But just because the Esprit de Corps category no longer holds a point value on Field Day, doesn’t mean Marian girls will just forget about it.

They can hold pride in the fact that they are part of the inclusive community at Marian, and the winning class can celebrate their success with the spirit stick. Esprit de Corps is the core of Maian’s positive environment. Showing compassion to others is a value that lives at Marian not just during Field Week, but all year long.

Removing the point value of the Esprit de Corps category replaces competition with community and allows students to focus on the true meaning of Esprit de Corps: community

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