Ellie Fogarty’s Photo Portfolio

Portrait Twelve Year Old Ava Owen Light/shadow photo Billie Eilish Pet portrait  Fitz Fogarty  Emotional response  Everlasting Family Memories Marian Grandma Colleen Fogarty arrives back in Ireland to celebrate her heritage and 50 years of marriage with her Husband. As she reminisces on her past trips to Ireland she shares story’s with her seven grandchildren, forever… Read More Ellie Fogarty’s Photo Portfolio

Ruthie’s Portfolio

Journalism I Photo Portfolio by Ruthie Barrett Portrait Environment Sports/Action News/Feature Light/Shadow Advertising Pet Portrait Academic Portrait Marian Spirit/Core Value Emotional Response My Ethics Statement As a photographer, I have a duty to respect the privacy and dignity of the people I photograph. I strive to accurately represent the people or moments I am capturing.… Read More Ruthie’s Portfolio

Brooke Herdzina’s Photography Portfolio

Portrait of a Person Environment Sports/Action News/Feature Photo Light/Shadow Advertising Pet Portrait Academic Moment Marian Core Value Emotional Response Ethics Statement: I strive to take photos that are true to my values, photos that I take pride in sharing with others and that showcase why life is worth living, in their raw state.