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Meet Our 2017-2018 Staff!

Grace Sall – Co-Managing Editor


Grace is an active member of Campus Ministry, Recruitment team and is the swim team manager. The oldest of four brothers, she doesn’t know the meaning of the term “a quiet home.” When Grace isn’t at school or parading brothers around Omaha, you’ll most likely find her in a pool, teaching kids how to swim. She enjoys Pringles, sushi and talking about any and all things camp related. Her favorite movie line comes from the iconic Sandlot, “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

Maddie Robertson – Co-Managing Editor


Maddie does indeed have a life outside of room 304. When not annihilating the Oxford comma, she is an active member of Marian’s Academic Competition Club, Recruitment Team and Slam Poetry. Outside of school, Maddie loves to play with her little sister Eloise, take Buzzfeed quizzes and work at her favorite place in the world (aside from Marian and Sonic) Camp Cedars.



Delaney Stekr – Copy Editor


Delaney is involved in soccer, NHS Treasurer and volleyball videographer. After school, she volunteers with Youth Emergency Services and works at a daycare in a gym, taking care of tiny people. Her biggest pet peeve is when people walk slowly in any hallway. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite animal is a giraffe. Avid member of Pinterest, and just wants a house full of puppies.

Maggie Prosser – Online and Graphics Editor

IMG_6197.JPGMaggie actively participates in Cross Country, Recruitment team and volunteers at Children’s Hospital. On weekends you can catch her working at Smoothie King on Center! In her free time you can see her hanging out at your local Dunkin’ Donuts Coffeeshop.


Katherine Martin – Opinion Editor

Katherine is a senior at Marian High School. IMG_6144.JPGKatherine decided to take journalism because she wanted a place to be creative and learn how to be a better writer. Katherine’s favorite subject is social studies. When Katherine is not at school she is watching Desperate Housewives or hanging out with her dogs, Max and Duffy.

Hayley Golden – Feature Editor

IMG_6168.JPGHayley is actively involved in French Club, Select Women’s Choir and is a core team member for Operation Welcome. Some of her passions include photography, volunteering and eating dessert. A fun fact about Hayley is that she is double jointed in her arms, and can technically use them as a jump rope. In addition to her funky arms, she can put both feet behind her head.

Audrey Yost – Photography and Sports Editor


Audrey is thoroughly involved in Campus Ministry and Recruitment team.  She is the youngest of three siblings, and is the “only child” now that her siblings are off to college. You’ll most likely find Audrey with her camera taking pictures or somewhere singing in choir. She loves Mexican food including chips and queso, tacos, etc. She loves traveling and hopes to explore the world in the near future.

Samantha Fabian – Feature Editor

IMG_6170.JPGOutside of the journalism room, Samantha is involved Campus Ministry, Burn Magazine and Recruitment Team. She has been on the FIAT team for three years and has been a Core Team member for the past two. She has a passion for learning and traveling to new places; she has currently visited 16 states and 2 countries, and plans to visit more in the near future.

Julia Veik – Feature Editor


Julia is a member of the Marian Momentum show choir and the Mime troup. She enjoys music, writing and helping others. She takes inspiration from the people around her and hopes to make other people happy.


Allison Ostapowicz – Front Page Editor


Allison hopes to become a writer/poet in her future. She’s obsessed with punk rock music, and you’ll always find her at a concert. She practices Buddhism and lives a happy life sending positive vibes to this beautiful universe. Allison isn’t into sports, but ask her any fact about Kurt Cobain or Marilyn Manson and she’ll answer in a heartbeat.

Hailie Rydel – Circulation Manager


Hailie participates in the school musicals, whether it be in the pit, or helping through the STAR program. She plays with the Omaha youth symphony. She plays the violin, guitar and dabbles in the piano. Hailie loves music of all kinds. She enjoys listening to it, writing it and playing it. She also enjoys weightlifting and participating in Mixed Martial Arts.

Lily Watkins – Feature Editor


Lily is the president of Slam Poetry Club and a major grammar stickler to boot. The Oxford comma is her favorite grammar rule. She survives off of sugar-free Redbull, coffee and Fuego Takis. When she’s not overusing semicolons, she’s usually on Youtube watching videos of parrots. Lily still doesn’t know what she wants her first pet when she moves out to be: a cockatiel, bearded dragon or pit bull. Maybe all three!
Sofia Herrera – Entertainment Editor


Sofia is a senior who loves Marian and all it has to offer. She decided to take journalism because she loves to read and write. She is a class officer, runs cross country and loves Latin class and photography. She believes spreading news in a truthful way is extremely important. Find her drinking copious amounts of coffee and eating ice most likely while hiking up Soph lot.



Abby McLaughlin – Opinion Editor and Morale Booster


Abby is a French Club Officer, is a part of Operation Others, Operation Welcome and other clubs and activities at Marian. She is a member of the Lolo’s Angels Junior Board and had one short lived year on the track team. When she is not playing with her dog, Zoie, she is living her vegetarian lifestyle. Abby also loves The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Audrey Hertel – Column Writer and In-depth Editor

When Audrey’s not in school, she enjIMG_6146.JPGoys camping out for hours with her friends to see her favorite bands or spending a whole day at a coffee shop. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and she loves horror movies. Her favorite color is black, and it takes up the majority of her wardrobe. She loves wearing her vans no matter how nice she is supposed to dress up. No, she doesn’t skate.

Anna Cook – Sports Editor

IMG_6163.JPGAnna enjoys Raising Cane’s and long walks on the beach. She’s an avid reader and dog enthusiast. Contrary to popular opinion, she doesn’t really like to cook. In her free time she is in a band called “La Vie.” She plays tennis and the co-creator of Marian School of Rock.


Shannon McSweeney – Entertainment Editor


Shannon is a part of the Class of 2018 at Marian High School. She is a member of student government, French club, Hearts of Marian and other various clubs and activities. Shannon is very involved at Marian. If you want to talk about dogs, Parks and Rec or cereal flavors, she is your girl. A self-proclaimed “Halloween Queen”, Shannon didn’t get the nickname “McSpooky” for nothing.

Julia Hingorani – News Editor


Julia is a speech MAMA. Her favorite categories are oratory and extemp. When she is not running on the cross country team or reading Harry Potter, she is a co-editor for Burn Magazine.


Maria Determan – Photo Essay Editor


Maria is an active member of the Campus Ministry team, Hearts of Marian and Decade Darlings. She is thrilled to be one of the co-founders of a new club called Sundae Wednesday for this year. Maria is a passionate Select Women’s Choir council member and a 3rd year member of Marian Momentum. She loves decorating cakes, playing piano and making people smile!

The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska’s only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women. The Network is written and edited by students.


Meet the “Espresso” Staff from 2016-17!

Carmen Miller,  Co-Managing Editor

Carmen.jpgCarmen actively participates in Operation Welcome, Recruitment Team, Science Club, Operation Others, HETRA, club volleyball and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council. During her free time, she can be seen and heard advocating Hawktober to everyone who will or won’t listen. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Managing the Network like a pro. Noah from the Bible looks at Carmen’s collection of pets and says, “Woah. That’s a lot.”

Isabelle Swanson, Co-Managing Editor

isabelleIsabelle is actively involved in SAME, poetry club, Marian Academic Competition Club, and tutoring. She is an avid Boston Bruins hockey fan, and was a member on Marian’s golf team all 4 years of high school.



Kate Schwaller, First Semester Copy Editor

kateYou can catch Kate on the weekend handing out the best coffee known to man at Dunkin’ Donuts. She once wrote a book trilogy, and the first book has over 11,000 reads online. On top of being the queen of Dunkin’ by day and a part-time famous online author by night, she also participates in theater and the mime troupe at Marian.

Amelia Poulos, Photo Editor & News Editor 

amaleaAmalea is an active member of Marian’s varsity dance team. In her free time, Amalea loves to play with her puppy, Luna, listen to Hamilton: An American Musical, and decorating for Halloween.



Sydney Monahan,  Graphics Editor and News Editor

SP Network Staff Pictures - 1.jpgSydney is a member of Recruitment Team, the Big Sister Program, Servite Connections, and the Environmental Club. She has played reserve soccer for three years at Marian, along with club soccer from 6th-11th grade. She is a member of National Honors Society, National English Honor Society Marcella Chapter and National Language Honor Society for Spanish. In her free time, she enjoys making calendars, taking naps, eating peanut butter and hanging out at Majestic Movie Theatre.

Susana Pettis, Co-online Editor & Feature Editor

SP Network Staff Pictures - 14.jpgSusana isn’t afraid to get involved at Marian! She’s a decade darling, part of novelettes, on the varsity cheer team, and a is a proud member of the journalism team. This bilingual ballet dancer is part of the National English Honors Society, National Science Honors Society, National Foreign Language Honors Society, Rho Kappa Honors Society and Quill and Scroll Honors Society.

Brianna Westling, Co-online Editor & Feature Editor

Brianna.jpgBrianna is part of the Burn staff, National English Honors Society, National Science Honors Society, National Foreign Language Honors Society, Rho Kappa Honors Society, Quill and Scroll Honors Society, and the Faith in Action Team. She volunteers at the Nebraska Humane Society and works at Bakers. Brianna is unbelievably passionate about Lin-Manuel Miranda and buttered noodles, and her spirit animal is a feral guinea pig.

Erin Walter, Front Page Editor & Second Semester Copy Editor

Erin.jpgErin is involved in Campus Ministry, Operation Others, and Young Politicians Club. She is also the editor of Burn magazine. She is in National Honor Society, Rho Kappa, Spanish Honor Society, and Journalism’s Quill and Scroll. She works at justice and volunteers for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Erin also volunteered in the DR in the summer of 2015. A fun fact (and unlikely combo) is that she loves dogs, Kanye West, and Fleetwood Mac. Along with being a busy girl, she remains a positive addition to the Network Staff!

Emily Doll, Circulation Manager & Feature Editor

Emily.jpgEmily has been the Dance Captain for Marian’s show choir, Marian Momentum, for two years. She’s been featured in a Marian musical during all four years of high school. She is a member of Marian’s Select Women’s Choir and of the French Club. Emily can be found wiggling her ears and listening to the High School Musical soundtrack.

Ellie Rommelfanger, Feature Editor

Ellie R.jpgEllie is a part of Marian Momentum and is on the Campus Ministry. Ellie can be found singing to her dog, who dances when she sings.




Ana Hingorani, Opinion Editor & Morale and Recognition Coordinator

Ana.jpgAna is currently a Service Site Leader for Seven Oaks Retirement Center.In addition to doing service, Ana is a Freshman Retreat Leader and a Technical Aid Resource (TAR). Ana is busy with being both a member of National Honor Society and a member of the Spanish Honor Society. Her spirit animal is an otter and she has a passion for making and eating grilled cheese sandwiches.

Lauren Mayer, Opinion Editor

Lauren.jpgLauren is on the cross country team, junior classical language league, and National Foreign Language Society, and spends her weekends working at HyVee. Always a trendsetter, she can be seen strutting down the halls rocking her classic kindergartener-chic style or keeping up impeccable dental hygiene. Though she may be tiny, she’s just as feisty and passionate as a full sized person, if not more. Lauren is the type of person who doesn’t do anything halfway. She puts every ounce of effort she has into every project, assignment, and activity.

Ellie Mulligan, Columnist & In-depth Editor

Ellie M.jpgEllie was on the golf team for two years, ran cross country, and played on the tennis team. This year she is a French Club officer. Ellie is always a positive and encouraging team member, and she can always make the staff smile with her constant witty comments.

Morgan Hobbs, Sports Editor

SP Network Staff Pictures - 7.jpgPopcorn aficionado, softball superstar and the world’s fastest scurrier. She’s sporty and sassy and so excited to be one of this year’s sports editors!



Maddie Mingo, Sports Editor

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 1.35.43 PM.pngMaddie participates in any sport you could name, but competitively she competes in basketball and track. The clubs she participates in are: robotics club, SAME engineering, National Honor Society, and all of the sub divisions of honors societies. Maddie is also the sports page editor for the highly acclaimed Network Newspaper. A super fun fact about Maddie is that she could probably break any person’s bones in half if she tried, but she is nice enough that she will resist. Maddie is simultaneously the biggest fear and biggest inspiration for this staff.

Emma Herold, Entertainment Editor

Emma.jpgEmma has been part of 9th grade choir, Select Women’s Choir, and Show Choir at Marian as well as being part of the Fall Musical “The Little Mermaid.” She has been a member of Operation Others, Recruitment Team and has worked at Le Peep as a hostess, barista, cashier and currently, as a waitress. What people might not know is how well she works under pressure and can write up an article super quick if disaster ever strikes. If you ever need someone who can make a clover with their tongue, she’s got you.

Natalie Kemler, Entertainment Editor

SP Network Staff Pictures - 5.jpgNatalie is an honors student who has earned membership in the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society), Rho Kappa (National Social Studies Honor Society), Spanish Honor Society, Science Honor Society and Journalism’s Quill and Scroll.  She is involved in the Young Politicians Club at Marian and is a 4-year member of the track team with specialties in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay.  She has taken community art classes and participated in Habitat for Humanity (and has built a deck) as well as various volunteer opportunities at the Open Door Mission and the Sienna Francis House.  Natalie and her family have hosted two exchange students, one from Germany and currently, a 17-year-old Slovakian named “Tinka” who is attending Roncalli.  

Allie Morrissey, Photo Essay Editor

Allie.jpgAllie is Secretary on Marian’s Student Board, and on Marian’s Dance Team. She’s a spunky gal that puts the “pep” in preppy. This Hamilton-enthusiast really knows how to organize a photo essay like nobody’s business. When not baking vegan treats, Allie is either dancing or watching New Girl. Allie is the type of gal that appreciates a good monogram.

Victoria Ackermann, Social Media Queen & Job Manager

Victoria.jpgThrough tutoring and volunteering at various organizations, Vicki makes a positive impact on her community. She tutors middle school students at St. Pius and high school students here at Marian. In addition, Vicki spares time to serve as a student athletic trainer and volunteer at the Humane Society. If you are ever looking to make Vicki happy, bring her some guacamole or a dog.

Mrs. K, Adviser

Mrs. K.jpgMarsha Kalkowski is the valiant adviser of the Network newspaper. Along with being the rock of the newspaper staff, she also advises the Crusader yearbook staff, teaches several english and Journalism 1 courses, and organizes the Decade Darlings after school prayer group. She has joined forces with Art Teacher Mrs. Lindsay Cisco, to moderator BURN literary/arts magazine this year, too. A fun fact about Mrs. K is that she has donated 90 inches of her hair. She has worked tirelessly to establish a notable, award winning journalism program at Marian. The Network staff is grateful for Mrs. K’s unwavering dedication to the newspaper we all love so very much!