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Meet the 2022-23 Network Staff!


As the Co-Managing Editor, when Nina McMullen isn’t editing stories or scheduling meetings, she is working on film. She spends the majority of her free time watching movies, writing screenplays, and concocting stories. She is also heavily involved with Marian Theater as the stage manager. She loves exploring Omaha with her best friends and watching Saturday Night Live every weekend. Every time she walks outside, either a Mac Miller, Beastie Boys, or Eminem song accompanies her. With a love of comedy, she’s made it a tradition to listen to John Mulaney’s “The Top Part” every time she flies into NYC. While in New York, she enjoys interacting with rando’s on the subways while holding a slice of 2 Bros Pizza. She once shoulder checked Ansel Elgort in Midtown Manhattan on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. She will be attending the Tisch School of Film and TV at New York University next year.



 Maggie Morris is our other co-managing editor. When she isn’t writing or proofreading, she can be found in Campus Ministry, hanging out with her friends, or at the nearest coffee shop. She is a FIAT core team member, a freshman retreat leader, and a BURN magazine staff member. She loves finding new shows or music to obsess over. Her favorite things are jamming out to The Lumineers, binge watching all 10 seasons of “Friends,” spending time with her brother and sister, and going on walks with her dog Bonnie. She is unsure where she will attend school next year, but hopes to study health sciences.




As the copy editor, Mary Ambrose is always finding grammatical errors. When she is not searching for the perfect places for commas, she can be found searching Omaha for random things to do with her friends. She loves hanging out with her family and traveling. Some of her favorite hobbies are running and going on walks with her two dogs, Diesel and Tank. In her free time, you can catch her watching Gilmore Girls for the tenth time. She is always up for listening to some Taylor Swift or country music. She is unsure what school she will attend next year, but she hopes to study business or finance.



Image_20221118_094947_751When Kyra McFadden isn’t uploading stories or creating the Network surveys as the Online editor, you can find her hanging with her friends, hanging with her 4 cats and dog, or playing games. Kyra’s favorite artist is Joji, her favorite season is spring, and her favorite color is pink. She plans to attend  Loyola Chicago.





Ceci Urbanski is our Graphics and In-depth Editor for the Network. Outside of the Journ room she likes to draw, play the guitar, take her lizard on walks, try to make friends with micro celebrities, edit videos, watch ted talks, and take solitary hikes. Ceci knows an uncomfortable amount of lore about The Walking Dead and is blocked by Big Ed on Instagram (not related). She is also one of the two left handed people in her family of ten. Ceci is involved in Sustainability Club, theater, Burn magazine, Art Club, and Veggie Club. Though she doesn’t yet know where she will go to college, she plans on studying graphic design and communications.




As the photo editor for The Network, Tyler Raikar has loved capturing photos since she’s been a girl. When she is not behind the camera, she enjoys chocolate peanut butter banana protein shakes, watching reality television shows (for the comical aspect), taking scalding-hot showers that end up turning lukewarm, and napping within her three weighted blankets. Tyler loves spending time with her family because now she hates going out, and she also owns a pet bird named Twitter. She also favors Indian food and will only drink her coffee with oat milk (because all the other milks are disgusting, in her opinion). Tyler plans to attend the University of Loyola Chicago and pursue the medical field.




Our front page editor Megan Schneider is a big concert goer and loves to travel. She has two dogs, Scout and Lance, and one cat named Splat. Her favorite color is purple. Megan is a fan of Louis Tomlinson and Taylor Swift. Megan’s dream school is the University of Wisconsin-Madison and plans to major in communications and international studies. 





Image_20221118_095247_624Meghan Bartness is our Page 2 news editor. Meghan is a big fan of Harry Styles and chai tea lattes. She loves playing with her dog, thrifting, going to the farmers market and would DIE for the color green. Meghan plans to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and major in marketing and PR/Advertising.





Image_20221118_095015_304Nora Corrigan is the page 3 news editor. Between interviews and page editing, Nora can be found in Campus Ministry chatting with Sister Jackie, trying to hide the Surprise Day date, or blowing up balloons for a balloon arch. She is on FIAT core team and is the Vice President of Student Board, among her roles in Journalism and Marian Ambassadors. In her free time, Nora can be found spending time outside with a Hardy’s Coffee Co. coffee in hand. She is likely to attend the University of Nebraska-Omaha and major in Public Health Administration.





Ellie Cusick is the page 4 opinion editor. When Ellie isn’t working on the Network, she likes spending time with her friends and family. Ellie is almost always found with some overly caffeinated drink. Whether it’s a Celsius or a metal cup filled with black coffee, Ellie is always finding ways to bring energy into the classroom. If you see Ellie sitting in the Marian parking lot 10 minutes after school ended, don’t be alarmed. She’s just waiting for the competitive drivers who sprint to their cars after school to leave first because she’s terrified of backing out. Although Ellie loves the snow, she’s often complaining about not having a scarf, hat or coat to protect her from the cold. Ellie is still procrastinating making any official college decisions, which probably doesn’t surprise those who know her.



Elissa Eisele is the page 5 opinion editor. When she isn’t busy finding new opinions to write about she loves to spend time with her friends, family, and dogs! She has a pug and a golden retriever who, in her opinion, are the cutest dogs ever! Elissa loves listening to music on her way to Marian and her daily morning Starbucks. Elissa is waiting to hear back from colleges she has applied to before making a decision, and is planning on majoring in Psychology on the pre-law path.




rosenbaum reagan SENIOR

Reagan is the feature editor for page 6 and 7. When she isn’t busy designing pages, she can probably be found sitting in the hallways working on her many anatomy assignments, listening to the newest Taylor Swift album. Anytime Reagan is in the Starbucks drive through, she will almost always order an oat milk latte with one pump, and one pump only, of caramel syrup. She has two dogs, who both happen to be named after brands of cars. In her free time, she loves mastering the art of making hand-made pasta and growing her vinyl record collection. Reagan is on the FIAT team and was a part of the Freshmen Retreat Core Team. While she is currently unsure what university she will attend in the fall, she knows she will most likely major in biology.



Ella Plank is the page 10/11 feature editor. When Ella is not editing or designing, she is running on the streets of Omaha no matter how cold it is. She loves spending time with her family, friends, and her dog Wallie. One of her favorite things to do is hike at Hitchcock with her sister Abby. She also has an obsession with Bachelor in Paradise. You can catch her watching the latest episode in the depths of the night. She is unsure of where she will be attending college, but has an interest in studying something in healthcare.


Image_20221118_094905_087As one of the sports page editors, Mallory Coneally loves writing sports stories and informing the student body on monthly sports events. When Mallory isn’t working on her page she is playing travel soccer, spending quality time with her family of seven or hanging out with her friends. She is the lead morning prayer organizer, involved in the recruitment team, Harvard Model Congress, Project Welcome and a senior on the Marian Varsity soccer team. Mallory is committed to attend Xavier University next year to continue her athletic career as a division I athlete and major in political science with hopes of attending law school.


ELSA 207 of 114

Elsa Jurrens is one of the sports page editors. When Elsa isn’t working on her page, she is playing tennis, reading a book, or spending time with her two dogs. Elsa is the President of Young Medicine Club, involved with HOSA, and likes to experiment in Science Club. She also has an obsession with listening to music and is an avid Apple Music listener. Elsa is likely to play tennis at Creighton and major in something to do with science.




Page 14-15 Entertainment Editor Hannah Cusick. 


Meet the 2021-22 Staff!


Green, Elleiana Maria Co-Managing Editor
Rasgorshek, Anna Grace Co-Managing Editor
Turco, Eliza Jane Copy Editor (& Chaplain/Service Coordinator)
Birnstihl, Livia Rose Graphics Editor
Salerno, Gianna Christina Online Editor
Adam, Madison Mae Front Page Editor (& Circulation Manager)
Darrow, Makenzie May News Page2 Editor
Monzu, Elizabeth Mary News Page 3 Editor
Kinnison, Avery Elizabeth Opinion Page 4 Editor
Piperis, Melina Yula Opinion Page 5 Editor
Kollasch, Bailey Feature Page 6 Editor
Gautschi, Fiona Margaret Feature Page 7 Editor
Moser, Jordan Lee InDepth Pages 8-9 Editor (& Job Manager)
Ahsan, Caroline Rose Feature Page 10 Editor
Aloziem, Chioma Nneke Feature Page 11 Editor (& Birthday/Holiday Coordinator)
Johanek, Ashley G. Sports Page 12 Editor
Stec, Kathryn Hope Sports Page 13 Editor
Moulton, Elise Analee Entertainment Page 14 Editor
Monahan, Shannon Marie Entertainment Page 15 Editor
Degan, Clare Jaime Photo Essay Page 16 Editor & Photo Editor
Schroeder, Sydney Grace Morale & Recognition Coordinator









Meet the 2020-2021 Staff!

Natalie Cusick – Co-Managing Editor

NatalieNatalie Cusick splits her time between co-editing the Network, dancing on Nebraska Dance Company, and making coffee at Stories Coffee Company. She prides herself on being an Enneagram 8 on her way to California to one day become a lawyer. She can be found watching “Pitch Perfect” and “Legally Blonde” or listening to Chance the Rapper, Elton John, or “Hamilton.” Natalie is the one blonde in a family with three brunette girls who look nothing like her. She can’t live without her spray tan machine, black coffee and vanilla ice cream.

Naomi Delkamiller – Co-Managing Editor

NaomiNaomi is a full time creative in and outside of the Network newspaper staff. She is a blog writer, side gig photographer, and a mentee at the Kent Bellows Art Studio in Omaha. Her favorite season is Fall, but is most likely wearing her high top converse any day of the year. Naomi is currently watching season 5 of The Amazing Race and hopes to compete on the show with her older sister someday.

Rylee Gregg – Copy Editor

RyleeThough you would certainly never expect to find an English nerd working on a newspaper staff, copy editor Rylee is exactly that. She loves free expression, whether that’s written, drawn, or sung. In order to stay sane as the middle child between two boys, she loves listening to alternative rock music a little too loud, teaching herself piano, and driving around in good ol’ Susan. She drinks tea of all kinds and chocolate milk, but NOT coffee because it gives her too much power. Most of all this year, she’s excited to learn anything and everything that can help her feed her creative passion for words in the future. 

Lexi Ketcham – Online Editor & Page 4 Co-Opinion Editor

LexiLexi is the online editor and page 4 co-opinion editor of this year’s Network. She has two older brothers and a mini goldendoodle who she is obsessed with. She spends her time dancing on Marian’s dance team and at Nebraska Dance. When not working on journalism, you can find Lexi watching The Vampire Diaries or Friends, hanging out with friends, or enjoying her favorite food, ice cream. Although Christmas is her favorite holiday, she enjoys summer best as she spends most of her time working at the pool and getting a break from school.

Anna Kidder – Photo Editor & Page 11 Feature Editor

AnnaKWhen page 11 feature editor Anna Kidder isn’t working hard on the Network or her homework, she can be found running wild outside with her two fluffy dogs, kicking a soccer ball around and roaming the aisles of her go-to thrift and antique stores. Some of her favorite things are fresh blueberries, buffalo chicken, Jimmy John’s pickles, fluffy blankets, the great outdoors, Hawaii Five-0 and rock music. Although she seems quite shy at first, get to know her and she could talk for days.

Molly Monahan – Graphics Editor & Page 7 Feature Editor

MollyMolly is the graphic design editor and feature page 7 editor on this year’s Network. She can be seen jamming to indie pop in her little Chevy Sonic accompanied by her sister. She will go 30 minutes out of her way to get iced caramel coffee with almond milk (for her tummy) from the Beanery. Molly’s dream life is to live in New York and to write for a feminist magazine. Molly enjoys crewnecks, music, the skater boy aesthetic, witch craft, obsessing over shows and movies, fashion and chips with queso (especially Tostitos). 

Maddie Genoways – Page 1 News Editor

MaddieWhen front page editor Maddie isn’t stuck in front of a computer screen working, she can probably be found scouring home decor stores for ceramic chickens or chasing down her seven dachshunds. She is an avid fan of terrible Hawaiian shirts, as well as 70s bands with capitalized names, like ABBA and ELO. Between doodling in class and plans to major in graphic design, Maddie has a passion for art, and devotes most of her time to making graphics for the paper. Odds are, if you’ve seen a graphic of a woman with no eyes, Maddie was behind it.

Emily Salzman – Page 2 News Editor

EmilyNews page editor Emily Salzman spends her time running all around Omaha with her close Cross Country friends, co-leading Omaha’s Students for Sustainability and before school, spending her entire paycheck at Dundee Double Shot. She is a music enthusiast and is most often seen listening to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Vance Joy. When not listening to music, Emily spends lots of time watching and re-watching episodes of Parks and Recreation on Netflix as well as viewing political comedies such as Patriot Act and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Emily is incredibly passionate about her work in Journalism and with The Network newspaper. She enjoys working with her Marian team and writing about all the hot topics going on in the Marian and larger Omaha communities. Emily cannot wait for the rest of her senior year and hopes to cherish every minute she has left with her Marian sisters.

Jess Brusnahan – Page 3 News Editor

JessOutside of the journalism room, Jess has been swimming competitively for 10 years. She loves early mornings, especially when she gets to work on articles with a wet head and Scooter’s mango smoothie in hand. With all the time she spends in her car, her go-to artists are Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. As an environmental enthusiast, Jess loves working at events with Students for Sustainability and managing the compost bins at Marian lunches. When she’s done with her homework at night, she makes sure to sit down with her turtle, Dude, to catch up on all the day’s activities. Jess enjoys weekend trips to visit her sister in Oklahoma, where they always manage to fit in a shopping spree to Goodwill.

Courtney Thompson – Page 4 Co-Opinion Editor

CourtneyCourtney is a senior at Marian, and a co-page editor for the Network. Outside of school, she is a host at Olive Garden on 75th and Dodge, and enjoys spending time with her siblings, friends and boyfriend. Her best friend is her bed, which she shares with her dog, Ace. She blasts rap and old rock music from her minivan whenever she can, and enjoys long drives around town with the homies. Courtney dreams of being an NFL athletic trainer, but if that doesn’t pan out she’ll just marry a player. She is quite loud at all times, and can always be spotted in a crowd due to her giraffe legs. 

Gaea Kaan – Page 5 Opinion Editor

GaeaGaea, one of the most groovy opinion page editors in all of history works hard to bring her optimism, comedy, and a little more sunshine to the Network. When she isn’t writing, Gaea enjoys playing with her dogs, going for adventures with her friends, and expanding her artistic abilities. Her old spirit enjoys reggae music and 70’s rock, as well as driving around in her car, Sheila. This rad chick  boasts her ability to make anyone smile.


Anna Dailey – Page 6 Feature Editor

AnnaDWhen Anna is not working as the Feature page 6 editor for the Network, she can be found baking cupcakes or watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” She is the youngest of her family and has three pets: a dog, a cat, and a rabbit. Anna’s favorite hobby is ballet, and her dream job is to be a professional dancer. After college, she wants to move to Costa Rica to spend more time with her family who lives there. This Libra counts down the days to the fall season every year just to be able to shop for new sweaters and coats. Anna has a positive attitude and loves her Network staff!

Quinn Findley – Page 8-9 In Depth Editor

QuinnWhen Quinn Findley isn’t procrastinating her homework by redecorating her room, she’s the In-Depth editor of the Network. She is the Student Board Secretary, and a Co-head of the Girls for Girls club. She runs late to school almost every day as a result of speeding to Starbucks after snoozing her alarm at least four times. Her favorite musicians are the Specials, Julia Jacklin, the Kinks, Fleetwood Mac, and Amy Winehouse. To pass time, Quinn plays the guitar and bass, draws, and reads. In the future, she hopes to be a writer for a TV show, or a journalist for a magazine.

Sophie Stevens – Page 10 Features Editor

SophieSophie is a page 10 feature editor for the newspaper. She has two sisters and two golden doodles. If Sophie is not hanging with friends she can be found simping over her dog, Lulu. She loves to listen to Drake, Juice World and SZA. She loves to hang out with her friends, work at Cheddars and play volleyball. Her future husband goes to Sierra Canyon High School in California and is on the basketball team, and his father happens to be Lebron James. Her number one goal is to be an NBA wife, but if that does not happen, she will be a boss lady as a dental hygienist.

Sophia Virgillito – Page 12 Sports Editor 

SophiaSophia is the page 12 Sports Editor for the Network. Her favorite things are 64 degree weather, the color purple, sports games, and science. Her celebrity crush is Kansas Basketball player, #2 starting forward, Christian Braun. She is a proud Libra and occasional coffee drinker. She spends her weekends hanging out with friends and working as a server at Le Peep. You can usually catch her driving around and listening to music while cruisin’ in the rockin’ gold RX-300. She hopes to become a boss lady in the future as a chemical engineer.

Mary Cate Tabor – Page 13 Sports Editor

MaryCateMary is the page 13 sports editor for the Network. She can be seen shopping, working at Anytime Fitness, spending time with her friends and playing with her cute dog named Winnie. Mary Cate’s dream job is to travel the world, but as of now, she plans to major in sports management. She enjoys family time watching the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears play football. Fun activities she enjoys are over doing the self tanner and watching dance moms. Her favorite color is pink and loves the fall weather, driving with the windows down listening to music. 

Mia Dunker – Page 14 Entertainment Editor

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 4.41.09 PMMia is an entertainment page editor for the Network. She has one older brother and lives with her mom, dad, and two dogs, Moose and Finn. When she’s not at Marian, you can find her drinking iced coffee, watching Netflix, or playing Pokémon. Her favorite singers are Britney Spears, Marina, and Megan Thee Stallion, and most of the time you can find her listening to 2000s throwback music. She loves fashion, art, cooking, and astrology (she’s a Libra).

Frannie Cihunka – Page 15 Entertainment Editor

FrannieIf Frannie isn’t working hard on the Network, she’s listening to music. Frannie is a part of both Marian’s show choir and select women’s choir. She has always been a theatre kid, and actively participates in Marian theatre productions. Frannie loves all kinds of music from all decades, but her forever favorite artists are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. In the future, Frannie will be majoring as a music therapist. Frannie is a self-described “fangirl” who geeks out over musicals, TV shows and movies (especially from the “Marvel” universe). Frannie is hardworking, determined, and excited to create a wonderful newspaper for Marian students!

Grace Virgillito – Page 16 Photo Essay Editor

GraceGrace is the page 16 photo essay Editor for the Network. Her favorite things are Dylan O’brien, movies, art and fashion. She is currently working as a server at Le Peep, but hopes to one day become famous. She is planning to major in graphic design and wants to work for a big boss lady company when she is older. Her favorite colors are sage, forest green and navy blue. Grace also works on Burn Magazine and can be seen doodling in her notebook instead of taking actual notes. She enjoys breezy fall weather and a nice iced coffee from Dunkin. 

Meet the 2019-2020 Staff!

Sarah Cronin – Co-Managing Editor


When Sarah’s not in the journalism room leading the Network staff as co-editor, she can be found watching the Toronto Maple Leaves, Philadelphia flyers or UNO hockey teams take to the ice, she’s picking up a fresh cup of coffee and watching the hit Norwegian television show SKAM. She doesn’t particularly like holidays, but spring is her favorite time of the year. She loves alternative music and Lorde. Sarah’s a workaholic who needs her daily spinach smoothies to have the energy to take people’s senior pictures and hang out with her zany family (they’re all very close!). She rows for Marian, is able to fall asleep anywhere and wants to travel the world. 


Olivia Sullivan – Co-Managing Editor

sullivan_oliviaOlivia is a country music fanatic that spends her free time watching Netflix. When she isn’t guiding the Network as co-managing editor, she can be found at Scooter’s sipping on a skinny iced latte. She loves everything fall related and always looks forward to Thanksgiving, her favorite holiday of all time. Her dog Ruby is arguably the cutest dog of all time. She’s the true embodiment of middle child with two other siblings, one of which was an in-depth editor here at Marian. She’s a fiery Scorpio with a desire to always do her best and help others who’s also a talented writer.


Chloe Herbert – Online Managing Editor (Chaplain/Service Coordinator)

Herbert Chloe_02smallerChloe Herbert is the online editor on this year’s network staff. When she’s not baking with her little brother, she can be found snacking on Chex mix while watching the latest Husker game. As a War of 1812 fanatic, Chloe’s favorite subject in school is history. Aside from her journalism duties, Chloe is a member of Servite Connections, Marian Students for Life and is an editor of Burn, Marian’s Literary and Art Magazine. If Chloe could have any job in the world, she would be the person that chooses the Gerber Baby of the Year. She loves Christmas and goats and is an awesome addition to this year’s Network staff!


Maggie Mantini – Copy Editor

mantini maggie mantiniMaggie Mantini spends her time at Marian, dancing at Nebraska Dance, or listening to Amy Winehouse, Vampire Weekend, and Lykke Li. Give her playlists on her Spotify @maggie.mantini to get a taste of her full music taste. She has one older sister, and two cute golden retrievers named Bentley and Stella. Maggie likes to watch movies like Pulp Fiction (but not any of the Pitch Perfect trilogy) or read blogs when she has some time to chill, and hopes to eventually work for a magazine when she’s older. Audrey Hepburn is a favorite of this girl, and her favorite place is Italy. This Aries is probably munching on a vegetarian meal while being the copy editor for the Network or before going out to shop.

Lydia Larson – Photo Editor

00428larsonLydia is the resident photo editor. She can’t been seen walking the halls without her signature white Air Force One’s and a Strawberry Açai Refresher from Starbucks in hand. She’s been a part of the Varsity Softball Team all of her four years at Marian and when she’s not on the field, you can find her in her bed at home rewatching her favorite television show, The Office, or playing with her three dogs Willow, Cody and Bailey. Lydia always brings her positive attitude, work ethic and love of sushi to the staff and we are so lucky to have her!


Bella Syslo – Graphics Editor & Page 1 Editor

SysloBella SysloBella is the graphic and front page editor. She has a 14 year old brother and two furry family members, Hank and Tilly, who are schnoodles (half poodle half schnauzer). In her free time you can probably find her in her room having a dance party with herself, One Direction, BØRNS, and Hozier. She is very passionate about being a Scooters girl over Starbucks, and she lives off of ice carameliciouses and practically nothing else. This Leo goes to bed early though she identifies as a night person. If she’s watching TV, you could probably guess she is watching Euphoria or Devil Wears Prada. She has a bubbly personality that makes everyone want to be around her. 

Nora Fitzsimmons – Page 2 News Editor (Morale & Recognition)

00386fitzsimmonsNora is a news page editor on the Network staff. She has an older brother, older sister and three dogs. You can catch her in the kitchen cooking French food and baking apple tarts. However when she hangs out with her best friend Anna, she shredding it on rock band and hanging out at Thirstea and Sozo Coffeehouse. Her favorite drink orders are, respectively, are honeydew boba tea and chai tea lattes. On her own though, she loves watching Kiera Knightly movies and fashion commentary. She is an expert on fashion, and she shops sustainably. Lastly, Nora loves nacho cheese and rocking the drums and cello.


Holly McCutcheon – Page 3 News Editor

mccutcheon_hollyNews editor Holly McCutcheon is a theatre kid with a slight boba tea addiction. This sagittarius is the youngest of her family, with two older sisters and absolutely adores baking mouth-watering recipes. Holly also has the ability to wiggle her ears which can only be achieved by 20 percent of the population. Although grey is her favorite color, Holly has quite a colorful personality. She is a news page editor on The Network. When Holly’s not at school working on the paper, she’s probably jamming out to the new Lana del Rey album, drinking boba tea at “Thirst-Tea” or working at Tide Cleaners. Her positive energy makes others feel welcomed and accepted into the Marian community. Holly’s joyful and upbeat personality is easily one of her best qualities next to her favorite food being goat cheese. 

Jasmine Buttler –  Page 4 Opinion Editor (co-Podcast Director)

Buttler Jasmine ButtlerJasmine Buttler is an opinion page editor and a co-director of the Smart Girls, Serious Topics podcast with Aker Ajak. She is a fabulous big sister to her brother and two dogs. She enjoys the thrill of horror movies and could watch Criminal Minds for days on end. She is proud to say that she likes pineapple on her pizza. Jasmine hates praying mantises. She loves watching YouTube in her free time and could eat Chinese food all day long. She is undecided about college and her major but there is no doubt that she will do something amazing with her life.


Aker Ajak – Page 5 Opinion Editor (co-Podcast Director)

00346ajakAker is an opinion editor for the Network and appreciates being able to voice strong opinions; she always wants to put her two cents in. She is the oldest in her family, with 15 year old twin brothers, a 3 year old sister, and a baby brother on the way! She loves listening to BROCKHAMPTON and Lana Del Rey and watching Netflix, especially Victorious or One Direction: This Is Us. You could find Aker writing short stories in her free time or eating her favorite food, rice and beans. She is a member of IDEAS core team and a co-director of Smart Girls, Serious Topics, Marian’s podcast. Aker has big dreams of a political career, so remember to vote Aker for President 2040!


Alida Farrens – Page 6 Features Editor

00382farrensAlida is a features editor for the Network. She likes to write for the InDepth section when she is part of a team working toward a common goal.  Writing real stories with impact makes her feel fulfilled in the journalism lab. She has career and college goals in film, broadcast journalism or in video editing.  When not at school, Alida can be found watching scary movies, science fiction, crime stories or Netflix documentaries. Her friends call her responsible, nice, laid back and funny.  Her role models are her grandmother Connie and her older sisters. Alida has a gray cat named Jack and likes to snack on goldfish or cookies-n-cream ice cream. She is happily enjoying her last year of high school, sipping blended or iced coffee and thrifting with her pals.

Libby Schimonitz – Page 7 Features Editor

Schimonitz Libby SThis One Direction fanatic can manage to sing every single one direction song while managing her feature page with ease. When Libby isn’t listening to Harry Styles, she becomes a cheerleader for her older brother at his basketball games. Her passions range among several different topics from her love for cows to her putting in long hours of hard work at Le Peep. There’s never a dull moment around this Gemini, who can always add humor into every conversation. She is always smiling and managing to putting one on others faces’ no matter the circumstance.


Chiara Wallen – Page 8-9 Indepth Editor (Job Manager)

wallen chiara low res.jpgChiara is the in-depth designer and editor. She is what one would call an ultra theater kid. She is always heavily involved in both the musical and the play, and spends her time listening to Panic! At the Disco and designing the in-depth page for the Network. Chiara loves to travel and plans on visiting France in the future. Her favorite snacks are Munchies and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. In Chiara’s free time you will catch her playing Sims and Minecraft. She also loves to bake and makes the best homemade pizzas. Chiara loves to spend time with her Marian besties and enjoys going shopping with them on the weekends. Chiara is a hardworking, creative, and enthusiastic member of the Network staff. 


Colleen Sully – Page 10 Features Editor

00492sullyColleen is a feature editor on the Network staff. She always follows her everyday routine of drinking coffee in the morning and buying chocolate milk and Hot Cheetos from the vending machine during her study hall. Outside of the journalism room, you can find her following the lives of The Vlog Squad, Selena Gomez, and the Obamas. Colleen also loves watching The Office and Tik Toks while eating Cincinnati chili and ice cream. She can perform rare talents like solving a Rubix cube and tying her shoes in under two seconds. Even though her future isn’t set in stone, Colleen wants to go to college and get a job that she enjoys. And she probably will be famous.


Dianna Sledge – Page 11 Features Editor

00487sledgeDianna is a passionate feature editor who can be found at musical rehearsal or planning art club functions outside of her journalism class. She loves popcorn, painting, listening to K-pop, watching movies and reading. Dianna is the oldest of eight in her rowdy, loving family, and she enjoys her art and Mandarin classes. She loves celebrating Independence Day and watching Olympic swimming and ice skating events, as well as the World Cup soccer tournament. David Muir is her favorite news anchor, and jellyfish and tigers are her favorite animals. Someday Dianna will be a world famous pop idol traveling the world with her fabulous (but not quite as talented) band mates. In the meantime, she is always looking for instrumentalists and backup singers to accompany her on her rise to fame.

Ella Meis – Page 12 Sports Editor

00443meisElla is an Aries who loves taking photos and going to concerts. This oldest of 3 has two other sisters wandering the halls of Marian. She loves graphic design and sipping on coffee downtown at Sozo Coffeehouse. When she isn’t working at Tide Cleaners, she loves to jam out at local concerts with friends. Her favorite color is dark green and her favorite band is Radiohead. She will always say yes to laying on the couch and watching her favorite movie, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. She consistently has a smile on her face and is always up for a challenge. This is what makes her such a hard working member of the Network staff. Catch Ella snapping photos and working on sports page 12 for this year’s Network.

Maggie Peklo – Page 13 Sports Editor

Peklo MaggieMaggie is the sports page editor for the Network. She is also involved in Campus Ministry and she is a service site leader. When she isn’t babysitting her four younger sisters, she’s crunching numbers and competing in the Math Club. She’s down to organize anything and loves spending time with her family. You can find Maggie watching Pride and Prejudice while sipping chai tea with steamed almond milk. She loves to eat anything her mom makes, but treats herself with a blizzard from Dairy Queen. Her go to shops are Scout and Target. Her nightly eight hours of sleep are crucial, so don’t expect her to be up past ten!

Ariana Ganson – Page 14 Entertainment Editor

00394gansonAs an entertainment editor for the Network, Ariana doesn’t have a ton of time for her life to be dull. When she’s not listening to her favorite musician, Steve Lacy, you can usually find her hanging out with her friends or watching movies. Some of her favorite films include American Honey and Whiplash. This scorpio, with her lively and upbeat personality, is always able to deliver humor into any and every situation, and she knows how to bring fun into everything she does!


Lily Weindel – Page 15 Entertainment Editor & Opinion Columnist

00504weindelLily Weindel is a middle sibling of one sister and five brothers. When she isn’t answering calls at St. Roberts, you can find her playing sudoku and jamming out at local concerts. Some of her favorite artists include Boy Pablo and Rex Orange County. Lily’s favorite show is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, especially with a warm, melted cheese quesadilla from Taco Bell off the dollar menu. However, Raising Canes remains her number one fast-food restaurant. An interesting fact about Lily is that her nose is super bendy. Lily’s favorite movie is The Road to El Dorado. Catch Lily’s opinion column this year in the Network!


Nayah Mbilain – Page 16 Photo Essay Editor (Birthday & Holiday Coordinator, Twitter Master)

00438mbilianNayah is the Network’s Photo Essay editor. She is also the captain of the Step Team and runs their practices. You can often find her spending time with friends, having a good laugh and listening to RnB music. Nayah loves slow music and her current favorite artist is Summer Walker. Her favorite movie is Lucy, a sci-fi action movie about a woman with psychokinetic abilities. In her future she plans to get a degree in either dermatology or dentistry. She isn’t sure where she wants to live but, likes warm areas that aren’t on the coast (because of hurricanes). Nayah somewhat believes in aliens, she definitely believes in spirits and she loves onions. 

Meet the 2018-2019 Staff!

Abby Butler – Managing Editor, Front Page Editor and Graphics Editor


Abby is a coffee fanatic who loves Marian. As a senior, Abby just finished her final season of cross country. She loves being on The Network staff because graphic design and journalism are possible career interests of hers. When she isn’t studying or at school, you can find her cooking, hanging out with friends, or binge watching her favorite show “The Office”!

Emma Williams – Managing Editor


Emma is the second oldest out of the five kids in her family. She is a co-editor of the Burn literary magazine and is an active member of Project Welcome. Outside of school, she works at Taxi’s restaurant as a hostess and can usually be found sippin’ on a chai tea latte.

Lily Blake – Copy Editor


Lily is a caffeine-dependent senior who can commonly be found laughing at her own jokes, dancing through the halls, and/or double fisting an iced coffee and hydroflask. She has been a member of the Dance Team all four years of high school and is also the co-president of the Girls 4 Girls club. Outside of school, you can find her at your local Red Mango catering to the needs of the city’s frozen yogurt lovers (and having a few too many sample cups herself).


Caroline Drew – Copy Editor


When not at school or writing music, Caroline can often be found at B&G Tasty Foods, a 50’s diner where she works as a waitress. An avid supporter of her local library and coffee shops, few things make her happier than the chance to be outside with a good book and a cup of coffee, often joined by her dog, Ruby. A sagittarius with a soft spot for the color blue, Caroline is a firm believer of stove-popped popcorn and the restorative powers of a long walk.

Joey Carollo – Online Editor


Joey is the youngest of four in her loud, obnoxious family. When not found on Military Avenue, you can most likely find her working at Blue Sushi or watching vine compilations. She has danced on Marian’s Dance Team for four years and is involved in many clubs at Marian. She is a travel fanatic and will watch any scary movie your heart desires. Joey is a music guru at heart and some of her favorite artists at the moment are The 1975, Quinn XCII, Lennon Stella, and Ariana Grande.

Kaitlyn Rosenbaum – Photo Editor and Photo Story Editor


Kaitlyn is a senior at Marian High School. She is a member of Recruitment team, runs cross country, and is apart of Campus Ministry. She has a younger sister, a yellow lab, and a puppy on the way! When Kaitlyn isn’t at school you can find her slinging pizzas at Oscars Carry Out or enjoying a refreshing Capri Sun, but only Pacific Cooler. She joined the Network staff in hopes of spreading news to others in a fun, yet informative way.

Qwynn Watts – Graphics Editor and Feature Editor


When Qwynn isn’t at school, you’ll find her working at Pitch Pizzeria or on a walk with her Goldendoodle, Ziggy. Contrary to popular belief her name is supposed to be spelled that way…yes, with no vowels. Her guilty pleasures include popcorn, Ginger Ale, and ranch (Runza exclusively). Her current music obsessions consist of Bon Iver, Tame Impala, and BROCKHAMPTON. She loves Spring even though Nebraska continues to ignore its existence as a season. She actively participates in Dance Team, Campus Ministry, French Club, and Recruitment Team. 

Ellie Farner – News Editor


Ellie is involved in Campus Ministry, Recruitment Team, and co-leads Marian’s Student Union club.  Her go to drink at Starbucks is an iced chai tea latte. Her favorite color is yellow and favorite movie is The Sandlot. Ellie joined journalism because she believes that spreading real and truthful news is essential.

Tomi Huber – News Editor


Tomi is the youngest of three kids and has two cats (one with only three legs!). Outside of school you can find her working at Saddlebrook Community Center, hitting the gym, hanging out with friends, or playing her guitar. She loves movies and books, but her passion is music.  Her favorite bands are The Growlers, Blue October, and Sublime.

Aileen Zitek – Feature Editor


Aileen is on the newspaper staff. She is involved in cheerleading, french club, and campus ministry. She is a big dog lover. She has one dog a chow chow poodle mix, and his name is Bill. She is also an avid supporter of iced coffee and The Office.

Jenna Cusick – Feature Editor


Jenna is a lover of dogs, iced coffee, the color blue, and traveling.  She is involved in Campus Ministry and runs Cross Country. When she’s not at Marian, you will find Jenna making smoothies at Juice Stop, studying at a coffee shop, or having fun with her friends.  Her favorite holiday is a Christmas and she is a Creighton basketball fanatic. Jenna wanted to be a part of journalism because she loves to write and share stories!

Kayla Gornall – Feature Editor


Kayla, member of campus ministry and recruitment team, is taking her last year of classes at Marian High School. She loves her Sociology II, World Literature, and, you guessed it, journalism classes the best. She loves fruit and makes smoothies as her part time job. Kayla is a mermaid at hear and friend of plants. She strives live by the ocean in the future. She’s not an artist, but surely paints with all the colors of the wind.

Maria Alessandro – Opinion Editor


When Maria is not drowning in hours of homework, you can also find her taking part in Campus Ministry, track and cross country, French Club and other activities. She enjoys going to Nebraska Husker football games with her two brothers in the fall and catching up on sleep on the weekends. She also believes that having the freedom to write the truth is important, which is why she chose to write for the Network.

Maria Piperis – Opinion Editor


Maria is an Honors Art IV student, an active member in various clubs at Marian, and the founder and co-president of Girls 4 Girls club. When she’s not at school, you can probably find Maria reading a Stephen King book and sipping an iced caramel latte with an extra shot. She is 100% Greek, she loves Led Zeppelin, and she is arguably the most opinionated girl in all of Marian High School. If you ever need someone to discuss rock music, politics, or renaissance art with, Maria’s your girl!

Audrey Otwell – In-Depth Editor


Green sweatshirts pulse through the Marian hallways, and I am proud to be wearing one of them. But to me, being a ‘journ girl’ is more than Room 304 and picture-taking at mass. Journ girls investigate, they form conclusions, have breakthroughs and they say, “I want to write a story about that!” Because journ girls know. They know a story is more than an assignment, they know that it is someone’s passion project, livelihood, or nightmare. And Journ girls believe. They believe in the power of words and the resounding impact that a story can have. They believe their words can change minds, educate people, and save the world. Journalism is a powerful tool and I am undertaking it with conviction, high regard and a green sweatshirt on.

Caitlyn Virgillito – Sports Editor


Caitlyn is the oldest for four siblings, who are all her best friends. She loves to cuddle and play with her furry airedale terrier, Albus. Outside of school Caitlyn enjoys reading and running. She will listen to pretty much any genre of music, but her favorite band is B∅RNS. Her favorite colors are pink and yellow and she adores homemade Italian meals from her Nonno. Caitlyn hopes to become an orthodontist in her future. She joined journalism because she wants to expand her writing abilities and spread news around Marian.

Daylee Daubert – Sports Editor


Daylee is a part of the Class of 2019 at Marian High School. She loves Marian and all it has to offer. She enjoys spending time with her friends and listening to an unhealthy amount of music. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and she loves carving pumpkins. Her favorite color is yellow, and it always reminds her to be happy and smile. She loves wearing her hair in a bun no matter how nice she has to dress up. She enjoys sushi, oreos, or any and all things Shawn Mendes related. Wait, did I just say that?

Anna Kenney – Entertainment Editor

anna kenney LAST RESORT.jpgAnna is active in Campus Ministry, is the President of the Marian Students for Life club, apart of Select Women’s Choir, and involved in Marian theatre. The oldest of six brothers and one sister, she knows the true meaning of “crazy.” Outside of school she likes to hang out with friends, play football in the backyard with her crazy family, watch black and white movies, and read good books. On the weekends she also works in a retirement home. Her favorite color is blue and she loves anything chocolate. She loves to spend time outdoors especially in the fall! She enjoys English class and loves the book Pride and Prejudice. She joined the Network because she loves to write like her dad who is an author. A fun fact is that her favorite musical is The Sound of Music and this year she is playing Mother Abbess in Marian’s production of The Sound of Music!

Jolie Peal – Entertainment Editor


Jolie is involved in Show Choir, Select Women’s Choir, and Sundae Wednesday. She is also playing the role of Liesl in Marian’s fall musical “The Sound of Music.” Outside of Marian she stays busy with work as a barista and dancing for Stars Dance Academy. Her favorite movie is “Lilo and Stitch,” and her favorite t.v. show is “Gilmore Girls.” In her free time she loves binge watching Netflix and solving escape rooms with her friends.

Meet Our 2017-2018 Staff!

Grace Sall – Co-Managing Editor


Grace is an active member of Campus Ministry, Recruitment team and is the swim team manager. The oldest of four brothers, she doesn’t know the meaning of the term “a quiet home.” When Grace isn’t at school or parading brothers around Omaha, you’ll most likely find her in a pool, teaching kids how to swim. She enjoys Pringles, sushi and talking about any and all things camp related. Her favorite movie line comes from the iconic Sandlot, “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

Maddie Robertson – Co-Managing Editor


Maddie does indeed have a life outside of room 304. When not annihilating the Oxford comma, she is an active member of Marian’s Academic Competition Club, Recruitment Team and Slam Poetry. Outside of school, Maddie loves to play with her little sister Eloise, take Buzzfeed quizzes and work at her favorite place in the world (aside from Marian and Sonic) Camp Cedars.

Delaney Stekr – Copy Editor

web DelaneyStekr

Delaney is involved in soccer, NHS Treasurer and volleyball videographer. After school, she volunteers with Youth Emergency Services and works at a daycare in a gym, taking care of tiny people. Her biggest pet peeve is when people walk slowly in any hallway. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite animal is a giraffe. Avid member of Pinterest, and just wants a house full of puppies.

Maggie Prosser – Online and Graphics Editor

IMG_6197.JPGMaggie actively participates in Cross Country, Recruitment team and volunteers at Children’s Hospital. On weekends you can catch her working at Smoothie King on Center! In her free time you can see her hanging out at your local Dunkin’ Donuts Coffeeshop.

Katherine Martin – Opinion Editor

webkmartinKatherine is a senior at Marian High School.
Katherine decided to take journalism because she wanted a place to be creative and learn how to be a better writer. Katherine’s favorite subject is social studies. When Katherine is not at school she is watching Desperate Housewives or hanging out with her dogs, Max and Duffy.

Hayley Golden – Feature Editor

IMG_6168.JPGHayley is actively involved in French Club, Select Women’s Choir and is a core team member for Operation Welcome. Some of her passions include photography, volunteering and eating dessert. A fun fact about Hayley is that she is double jointed in her arms, and can technically use them as a jump rope. In addition to her funky arms, she can put both feet behind her head.

Audrey Yost – Photography and Sports Editor


Audrey is thoroughly involved in Campus Ministry and Recruitment team.  She is the youngest of three siblings, and is the “only child” now that her siblings are off to college. You’ll most likely find Audrey with her camera taking pictures or somewhere singing in choir. She loves Mexican food including chips and queso, tacos, etc. She loves traveling and hopes to explore the world in the near future.

Samantha Fabian – Feature Editor

IMG_6170.JPGOutside of the journalism room, Samantha is involved Campus Ministry, Burn Magazine and Recruitment Team. She has been on the FIAT team for three years and has been a Core Team member for the past two. She has a passion for learning and traveling to new places; she has currently visited 16 states and 2 countries, and plans to visit more in the near future.

Julia Veik – Feature Editor


Julia is a member of the Marian Momentum show choir and the Mime troup. She enjoys music, writing and helping others. She takes inspiration from the people around her and hopes to make other people happy.

Allison Ostapowicz – Front Page Editor

webaostaAllison hopes to become a writer/poet in her future. She’s obsessed with punk rock music, and you’ll always find her at a concert. She practices Buddhism and lives a happy life sending positive vibes to this beautiful universe. Allison isn’t into sports, but ask her any fact about Kurt Cobain or Marilyn Manson and she’ll answer in a heartbeat.

Hailie Rydel – Circulation Manager


Hailie participates in the school musicals, whether it be in the pit, or helping through the STAR program. She plays with the Omaha youth symphony. She plays the violin, guitar and dabbles in the piano. Hailie loves music of all kinds. She enjoys listening to it, writing it and playing it. She also enjoys weightlifting and participating in Mixed Martial Arts.

Lily Watkins – Feature Editor


Lily is the president of Slam Poetry Club and a major grammar stickler to boot. The Oxford comma is her favorite grammar rule. She survives off of sugar-free Redbull, coffee and Fuego Takis. When she’s not overusing semicolons, she’s usually on Youtube watching videos of parrots. Lily still doesn’t know what she wants her first pet when she moves out to be: a cockatiel, bearded dragon or pit bull. Maybe all three!
Sofia Herrera – Entertainment Editor


Sofia is a senior who loves Marian and all it has to offer. She decided to take journalism because she loves to read and write. She is a class officer, runs cross country and loves Latin class and photography. She believes spreading news in a truthful way is extremely important. Find her drinking copious amounts of coffee and eating ice most likely while hiking up Soph lot.

Abby McLaughlin – Opinion Editor and Morale Booster


Abby is a French Club Officer, is a part of Operation Others, Operation Welcome and other clubs and activities at Marian. She is a member of the Lolo’s Angels Junior Board and had one short lived year on the track team. When she is not playing with her dog, Zoie, she is living her vegetarian lifestyle. Abby also loves The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Audrey Hertel – Column Writer and In-depth Editor

webahertelWhen Audrey’s not in school, she enjoys camping out for hours with her friends to see her favorite bands or spending a whole day at a coffee shop. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and she loves horror movies. Her favorite color is black, and it takes up the majority of her wardrobe. She loves wearing her vans no matter how nice she is supposed to dress up. No, she doesn’t skate.

Anna Cook – Sports Editor

IMG_6163.JPGAnna enjoys Raising Cane’s and long walks on the beach. She’s an avid reader and dog enthusiast. Contrary to popular opinion, she doesn’t really like to cook. In her free time she is in a band called “La Vie.” She plays tennis and the co-creator of Marian School of Rock.

Shannon McSweeney – Entertainment Editor


Shannon is a part of the Class of 2018 at Marian High School. She is a member of student government, French club, Hearts of Marian and other various clubs and activities. Shannon is very involved at Marian. If you want to talk about dogs, Parks and Rec or cereal flavors, she is your girl. A self-proclaimed “Halloween Queen”, Shannon didn’t get the nickname “McSpooky” for nothing.

Julia Hingorani – News Editor


Julia is a speech MAMA. Her favorite categories are oratory and extemp. When she is not running on the cross country team or reading Harry Potter, she is a co-editor for Burn Magazine.

Maria Determan – Photo Essay Editor


Maria is an active member of the Campus Ministry team, Hearts of Marian and Decade Darlings. She is thrilled to be one of the co-founders of a new club called Sundae Wednesday for this year. Maria is a passionate Select Women’s Choir council member and a 3rd year member of Marian Momentum. She loves decorating cakes, playing piano and making people smile!

The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska’s only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women. The Network is written and edited by students.


Meet the “Espresso” Staff from 2016-17!

Carmen Miller,  Co-Managing Editor

Carmen.jpgCarmen actively participates in Operation Welcome, Recruitment Team, Science Club, Operation Others, HETRA, club volleyball and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council. During her free time, she can be seen and heard advocating Hawktober to everyone who will or won’t listen. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Managing the Network like a pro. Noah from the Bible looks at Carmen’s collection of pets and says, “Woah. That’s a lot.”

Isabelle Swanson, Co-Managing Editor

isabelleIsabelle is actively involved in SAME, poetry club, Marian Academic Competition Club, and tutoring. She is an avid Boston Bruins hockey fan, and was a member on Marian’s golf team all 4 years of high school.

Kate Schwaller, First Semester Copy Editor

kateYou can catch Kate on the weekend handing out the best coffee known to man at Dunkin’ Donuts. She once wrote a book trilogy, and the first book has over 11,000 reads online. On top of being the queen of Dunkin’ by day and a part-time famous online author by night, she also participates in theater and the mime troupe at Marian.

Amelia Poulos, Photo Editor & News Editor 

amaleaAmalea is an active member of Marian’s varsity dance team. In her free time, Amalea loves to play with her puppy, Luna, listen to Hamilton: An American Musical, and decorating for Halloween.

Sydney Monahan,  Graphics Editor and News Editor

SP Network Staff Pictures - 1.jpgSydney is a member of Recruitment Team, the Big Sister Program, Servite Connections, and the Environmental Club. She has played reserve soccer for three years at Marian, along with club soccer from 6th-11th grade. She is a member of National Honors Society, National English Honor Society Marcella Chapter and National Language Honor Society for Spanish. In her free time, she enjoys making calendars, taking naps, eating peanut butter and hanging out at Majestic Movie Theatre.

Susana Pettis, Co-online Editor & Feature Editor

SP Network Staff Pictures - 14.jpgSusana isn’t afraid to get involved at Marian! She’s a decade darling, part of novelettes, on the varsity cheer team, and a is a proud member of the journalism team. This bilingual ballet dancer is part of the National English Honors Society, National Science Honors Society, National Foreign Language Honors Society, Rho Kappa Honors Society and Quill and Scroll Honors Society.

Brianna Westling, Co-online Editor & Feature Editor

Brianna.jpgBrianna is part of the Burn staff, National English Honors Society, National Science Honors Society, National Foreign Language Honors Society, Rho Kappa Honors Society, Quill and Scroll Honors Society, and the Faith in Action Team. She volunteers at the Nebraska Humane Society and works at Bakers. Brianna is unbelievably passionate about Lin-Manuel Miranda and buttered noodles, and her spirit animal is a feral guinea pig.

Erin Walter, Front Page Editor & Second Semester Copy Editor

Erin.jpgErin is involved in Campus Ministry, Operation Others, and Young Politicians Club. She is also the editor of Burn magazine. She is in National Honor Society, Rho Kappa, Spanish Honor Society, and Journalism’s Quill and Scroll. She works at justice and volunteers for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Erin also volunteered in the DR in the summer of 2015. A fun fact (and unlikely combo) is that she loves dogs, Kanye West, and Fleetwood Mac. Along with being a busy girl, she remains a positive addition to the Network Staff!

Emily Doll, Circulation Manager & Feature Editor

Emily.jpgEmily has been the Dance Captain for Marian’s show choir, Marian Momentum, for two years. She’s been featured in a Marian musical during all four years of high school. She is a member of Marian’s Select Women’s Choir and of the French Club. Emily can be found wiggling her ears and listening to the High School Musical soundtrack.

Ellie Rommelfanger, Feature Editor

Ellie R.jpgEllie is a part of Marian Momentum and is on the Campus Ministry. Ellie can be found singing to her dog, who dances when she sings.

Ana Hingorani, Opinion Editor & Morale and Recognition Coordinator

Ana.jpgAna is currently a Service Site Leader for Seven Oaks Retirement Center.In addition to doing service, Ana is a Freshman Retreat Leader and a Technical Aid Resource (TAR). Ana is busy with being both a member of National Honor Society and a member of the Spanish Honor Society. Her spirit animal is an otter and she has a passion for making and eating grilled cheese sandwiches.

Lauren Mayer, Opinion Editor

Lauren.jpgLauren is on the cross country team, junior classical language league, and National Foreign Language Society, and spends her weekends working at HyVee. Always a trendsetter, she can be seen strutting down the halls rocking her classic kindergartener-chic style or keeping up impeccable dental hygiene. Though she may be tiny, she’s just as feisty and passionate as a full sized person, if not more. Lauren is the type of person who doesn’t do anything halfway. She puts every ounce of effort she has into every project, assignment, and activity.

Ellie Mulligan, Columnist & In-depth Editor

Ellie M.jpgEllie was on the golf team for two years, ran cross country, and played on the tennis team. This year she is a French Club officer. Ellie is always a positive and encouraging team member, and she can always make the staff smile with her constant witty comments.

Morgan Hobbs, Sports Editor

SP Network Staff Pictures - 7.jpgPopcorn aficionado, softball superstar and the world’s fastest scurrier. She’s sporty and sassy and so excited to be one of this year’s sports editors!

Maddie Mingo, Sports Editor

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 1.35.43 PM.pngMaddie participates in any sport you could name, but competitively she competes in basketball and track. The clubs she participates in are: robotics club, SAME engineering, National Honor Society, and all of the sub divisions of honors societies. Maddie is also the sports page editor for the highly acclaimed Network Newspaper. A super fun fact about Maddie is that she could probably break any person’s bones in half if she tried, but she is nice enough that she will resist. Maddie is simultaneously the biggest fear and biggest inspiration for this staff.

Emma Herold, Entertainment Editor

Emma.jpgEmma has been part of 9th grade choir, Select Women’s Choir, and Show Choir at Marian as well as being part of the Fall Musical “The Little Mermaid.” She has been a member of Operation Others, Recruitment Team and has worked at Le Peep as a hostess, barista, cashier and currently, as a waitress. What people might not know is how well she works under pressure and can write up an article super quick if disaster ever strikes. If you ever need someone who can make a clover with their tongue, she’s got you.

Natalie Kemler, Entertainment Editor

SP Network Staff Pictures - 5.jpgNatalie is an honors student who has earned membership in the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society), Rho Kappa (National Social Studies Honor Society), Spanish Honor Society, Science Honor Society and Journalism’s Quill and Scroll.  She is involved in the Young Politicians Club at Marian and is a 4-year member of the track team with specialties in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay.  She has taken community art classes and participated in Habitat for Humanity (and has built a deck) as well as various volunteer opportunities at the Open Door Mission and the Sienna Francis House.  Natalie and her family have hosted two exchange students, one from Germany and currently, a 17-year-old Slovakian named “Tinka” who is attending Roncalli.  

Allie Morrissey, Photo Essay Editor

Allie.jpgAllie is Secretary on Marian’s Student Board, and on Marian’s Dance Team. She’s a spunky gal that puts the “pep” in preppy. This Hamilton-enthusiast really knows how to organize a photo essay like nobody’s business. When not baking vegan treats, Allie is either dancing or watching New Girl. Allie is the type of gal that appreciates a good monogram.

Victoria Ackermann, Social Media Queen & Job Manager

Victoria.jpgThrough tutoring and volunteering at various organizations, Vicki makes a positive impact on her community. She tutors middle school students at St. Pius and high school students here at Marian. In addition, Vicki spares time to serve as a student athletic trainer and volunteer at the Humane Society. If you are ever looking to make Vicki happy, bring her some guacamole or a dog.

Mrs. K, Adviser

Mrs. K.jpgMarsha Kalkowski is the valiant adviser of the Network newspaper. Along with being the rock of the newspaper staff, she also advises the Crusader yearbook staff, the M-Beat Broadcasting Program, teaches Honors 9th grade English and Journalism 1 courses, and organizes the Decade Darlings after school prayer group. She joined forces with former Art Teacher Mrs. Lindsay Cisco, to moderate BURN literary/arts magazine starting in the fall of 2018, too. She continues that advising role as an extracurricular activity today. A fun fact about Mrs. K is that she has donated 100+ inches of her hair. She has worked tirelessly to establish a notable, award winning journalism program at Marian. The Network staff is grateful for Mrs. K’s unwavering dedication to the newspaper we all love so very much!