WAT theme encourages school unity

By J1 Reporter Jenna Woodard Since 1984, Marian students have organized and participated in a sacred Marian tradition. This tradition, known as Walk-A-Thon (WAT), is a student-led fundraiser. The money raised goes toward tuition assistance. This year, WAT took place on Sept. 30.   The juniors and seniors walked two miles, while the freshmen and… Read More WAT theme encourages school unity

 Atmosphere of Bowling team creates community 

By J1 reporter Matilda Lang Senior Audrey Van Dyke releases her ball in a recent competition on Jan. 12 at Maplewood Lanes. Photo by Matilda Lang  Something special about Marian sports is the community of friendship the sport provides. Athletes get the opportunity to work with all grade levels, challenge each other, encourage one another,… Read More  Atmosphere of Bowling team creates community