WAT theme encourages school unity

By J1 Reporter Jenna Woodard

Since 1984, Marian students have organized and participated in a sacred Marian tradition. This tradition, known as Walk-A-Thon (WAT), is a student-led fundraiser. The money raised goes toward tuition assistance.

This year, WAT took place on Sept. 30.   The juniors and seniors walked two miles, while the freshmen and sophomores walked four. After their walk, the students were greeted with a water slide and a dunk tank. If not obvious, the post-walk celebration signified the theme of the event this year: Splash WAT.

Someone had the mega task of organizing this event. Junior Student Board member Madeline Wear said, “The responsibility of organizing WAT falls to the Vice President of Student Board, Nora Corrigan. However, the Student Board members are the ones who decide what activities will happen after the actual walk.” 

The past three WAT themes have all pertained to water: Bubble WAT, Foam WAT, and Splash WAT. Bubble WAT took place during COVID-19, which inhibited the actual walk from taking place. Each student was instead given a container of bubbles to take home and enjoy. Last year, the WAT theme was foam. Marian students were given the opportunity to have a good time by jumping around in the foam that spilled from the foam machine rented for the occasion. 

 “My favorite WAT theme was this year’s Splash WAT,” senior Hillary Adovlo said.  Her favorite part of WAT “was seeing [Dean of Discipline, Mrs. Kris] Hennings get dunked.”

Juniors Scarlett Wharton and Emma Koch make a splash at this year’s WAT. Photo by Marsha Kalkowski.

One theme of WAT that doesn’t relate to water is Color WAT. Color WAT is when the students are given packets of chalk dust, and are then allowed to throw the packets at other students. “Color WAT was interactive and everyone was able to throw color packets at each other. It was much better than Bubble WAT or Splash WAT,” senior Audrey Arthur said,  The last Color WAT was in the fall of 2019, when the current seniors were freshmen. 

WAT has been a sacred Marian tradition for many years. This tradition gives Marian students an opportunity to come together to raise money for future and current Marian students. WAT has always been a crucial part of the Marian community, and it will continue to bring Marian girls closer together.

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