My $10,000 Daycare

Combating Insults on Marian Academics

By J1 Reporter Lily Blake

“Marian is a literal daycare”

-Every boy I have ever met


Truly, if I had a dollar, maybe even a single cent for each time this statement has escaped the uneducated mouth of a pubescent teenage boy, I would have enough money to buy each and every one of them a razor to shave their wannabe manly scruff. This slanderous remark has been said to me and pretty much every girl who has ever gone to Marian, never has it failed to provoke an eye-roll. This stigma is perpetuated by the reality that, breaking news: most Marian students actually enjoy going to school! I know the concept of enjoying your school community and learning environment is UNFATHOMABLE for some reason, but here at Marian, it is a norm and we get attacked for that.

Marian is not by any means an easy school, and every girl here can attest to that. When I come home after 8 hours of fast-paced instruction and in-depth conversation, analyzing all of the information I learn, the LAST thing I want to do is begin my 4 hours (on a good night) of homework. However that is exactly what I do, and then I do it all over again the next day. This homework also is not coloring contrary to popular belief. Papers on top of math assignments on top of physics problem sets on top of Spanish essays is just an average night of homework for the average Marian girl. Grades and school work aside, if you want to have an intellectual conversation with me but decide I am “too dumb” because I’m a Marian girl, sit back, relax and get ready to be proven wrong.

We have days at Marian like Walk-a-thon and Surprise Day because after weeks upon weeks of hard work and resilience in the classroom, we need a well-deserved break. These days also offer us a sense of community that is unlike any other school that exists. 

LB coloring book.jpeg

If you try and justify calling us a daycare because we have Field Day, do not continue speaking. One does not know stress, cooperation, leadership, creativity, and improvisation until they are a part of Marian Field Week. You learn more about life doing these “arts and crafts” than you could possibly be learning sitting in class with you phone under your desk trying to come up with a coherent tweet to roast us.

I am certainly not saying that other schools around Omaha are not difficult, that is not the case. What I am saying is that Marian girls are not recognized as smart girls because of the negative stigma that follows the school we attend. Our classes are difficult, our teachers are hard on us, we succeed in classes and we also fail at them–just like everyone else. We might spontaneously sing songs in class or have dance parties with light up disco balls before school once in a blue moon, but that doesn’t give you the right to insult the institution we can call both school and home.

So how do we as empowered Marian girls combat this insult? The answer is simple. We outsmart them. Marian girls have the intellect and brain power to scare these arrogant buffoons straight. Marian’s academics are not a punchline and next time anyone tries to tell you otherwise, let them know that I’d LOVE to chat.