Sophomores expand the travel horizons

By J1 Reporter Maggie Timmerman

The world is a remarkable place, but Marian girls can only see so much of it from the grasslands of 72nd and Military.

The chance to leave the grounds of Omaha, Nebraska and explore the world is not a chance that many get. Anyone that has ever been to a new country will tell you it changed their lives and made them appreciate the world around them even more.

For some, this is visiting beloved relatives and where they came from. For others, it is truly embarking on a new journey and taking a new chance.  To know the world around you helps you understand and accept others and yourself.

Traveling is a huge part of some lives. One of those girls is sophomore Naomi Delkamiller. She loves to travel and blog about her experiences. This summer she had the privilege of traveling to Jerusalem with her family. Not only was this a unique cultural experience, but it was a spiritual exploration that Naomi will never forget. She had the opportunity to try new foods such as falafel and hummus. Naomi said the architecture and structures were nothing like she had ever seen before.

Photo Courtesy of Naomi Delkamiller

One thing that she that really stood out was the fact that she always experiences a culture shock no matter how often she visits new places. In Jerusalem, Naomi experienced a culture shock in a way she was not expecting. “All of my life I have been reading and learning about this place — the holiest place on Earth –and I was ignorant to think that is the only thing it could be. It is still like the rest of the world and is not exempt from poverty, war or instability,” she said.

Something else that impacted her greatly from her trip throughout Jerusalem is the spiritual bond she felt. “After visiting the Holy Land, I realized that inside the tomb of Jesus isn’t the only place God is with me. God is with me no matter where I am in the world.” Since her trip, Naomi has welcomed and acknowledged God’s presence in her life. She is now better able to feel at one with the scripture and imagine the stories while interacting at Mass. Naomi said, “My faith foundation has been fortified, and my heart has grown for people, culture and the world around me.”

For some Marian girls, it is not just about the new adventures, but the re-visitation of the old.  Many visit their families in the summer, but most of the time it is just a quick skip to Minnesota or Kansas. For sophomore Connie Regan this means making an international journey.

Connie has been going to Mexico every summer to visit her family. Not only does she enjoy quality time spent with family, it is a chance to make great memories that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. Connie said, “Mexico is so special to me because it is an escape from all my worries. It gives me an unmatched feeling of happiness and brings back the best memories of my childhood. Most of all, I think it’s the feelings of immense love that everyone there has for me and knowing that no matter what, Mexico is always going to make me happy.”

Connie recalled the day she and her cousins went to the Allende River and decided to go cliff diving with some hippies. “Intrigued by the hippies and sacred of death once I jumped off the rocks is definitely a feeling I would use to describe this day,” Connie said. The memories made with cousins, the energy felt, and the exquisite taste of tacos are something that she will never forget from her summer in Mexico.

Traveling far from home opens girls up to new experiences and feeling.  The sight and feeling of new places never fails to amaze. It is amazing how people get the chance to explore the world and have the opportunity to share them with the rest of the Marian students at 72nd and Military. 

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