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The Network is a monthly publication of the journalism students at Marian High School, Nebraska’s only Class A Catholic, North Central Accredited college preparatory school for girls. The Network is a member of N.H.S.P.A. and the N.S.P.A. It is our goal to provide an accurate and informative news source for the student community. Opinions expressed on opinion pages do not necessarily represent those of the entire community. Students, faculty, and friends are invited to voice their opinion in Letters to the Editors. All letters must be typed, signed, and sent to this address:

The Network, Marian High School, 7400 Military Ave., Omaha, NE 68134

Or emailed to us here:

Or call us at 402-571-2618 x 1134

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To contact the adviser, Mrs. Marsha Kalkowski, email or call the journalism lab (number above).

Contact the 2020-2021 editors, Naomi Delkamiller (email or Natalie Cusick (email Or, for questions about the website or suggestions for web coverage, contact online editor Lexi Ketcham at

The 2021-22 online editor is Gigi Salerno (  She will be taking over the content and design of this site in August 2021.