Meeting the future girls of Marian

By J1 Reporter Jasmine Buttler

Walking down the newly cleaned hallways, the smell of fresh popcorn is in the air. Sitting in the PAC auditorium are the girls of Marian themselves, waiting to be called onto the stage to show possible future Crusaders the legendary building known as Marian High School. This is Marian’s annual Open House.

Choosing between high schools is the most complicated and conflicting question any eighth grade girl can have. With the options of public versus private or Marian versus Duchesne, it’s hard to decide which school is the right fit. Before middle school girls commit to wearing the royal blue polos and the blue-green mixed plaid skirts, they have the opportunity to experience Marian through Open House. Open House showcases the school itself and the spirit floating throughout the hallways to prospective students.

 Prospective family given a tour by Nika Lisko ’19

On Sunday, Nov. 18 from noon to 2:30 p.m., girls from sixth through eighth grade will go on a student led tour, meet faculty and staff, have their questions answered, and hear about how awesome Marian is. 

“Open House has been known to change minds of people, especially if they go to another school’s open house, and the difference that they feel is amazing because when they come to our Open House, you can really feel the spirit and see how excited our students are,” Mrs. Molly Woodman, Director of Admissions, said.

The tour guides of Open House are all current Marian students, which gives the prospective Marian girls an inside look about what a day at Marian is like. “Literally half or more of the student body is here working on a Sunday, which is really impressive to families,” Woodman said. “It’s important for current Marian girls to be the guides because they are the ones who know Marian best. Marian students know the stuff that goes on that even the staff doesn’t ,” laughs Woodman. “It’s also important for the girls who come to see and think that ‘Oh, I’ll become this confident, cool girl.’”

People in the whole Marian community participate in the setup process from tour guides, teachers, maintenance staff, and even work study girls. They all work to make Marian look its best for prospective families. Junior, Claudia Archer, said that it’s hard to decide what the best part about being a tour guide was. “I guess it’s how much of an influence I have on their decision to come to Marian or not,” Archer said.

Regardless of the stress and hard work it takes for this event to take place, the end result is always worth it. “Really my favorite thing about it is seeing how people react to our students because I love my Marian girls, so I like to see how impressed the parents are with you guys, it fills my heart with pride,” Woodman said.  And Woodman’s other favorite part of Open House, popping the balloons at the end of the day. 

Around 279 future Crusaders and their families toured and experienced all that Marian has to offer. Even though their final decision may not be for a few years, Marian’s Open House along with other recruitment activities have helped potential students gain insight on what it’s really like to be a Marian student and will help these girls decide where they will spend the next four years of their academic lives. 

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