New Pep in your Marian Step

DSC_0239]By J1 reporter: Nayah Mbilain

Jump, under, front, back, under, under, front back. The girls hit their feet in unison, on three with one quick stomp.

Step is a form of dance, using your body to create beats. The new and rising Step club was created in 2018 by Davine Francis. She created the club to bring a new art form of dancing to the Crusader home.

  “I created the step team so that girls could try something new and have another way to express themselves through a student-ran organization,”  Francis said.  She wanted the girls of Marian to get to know different people and experience the performance life. “People should join because it is something to get a lot of girls out of their comfort zones and they should also join for the experience.”

“Step makes me feel free. The activity is full of dancing, stomping, and claps that help express feelings. Step puts me in a mood that allows me to express every emotion simply through my body,” Francis said.

Sophomore Jackie Paul says she does it because the school is becoming very diverse and a lot of girls are trying to find a place to belong. Step is like a familiar place to see people like them. She continues to do the club because she loved it last year, and it made her feel like she truly belonged.

“I’m the leader, after a hard day of Marian, you want to have the same environment like home and step is a family at school,” Paul said.

“Step helps me put my emotions out there, every step tells a story,” Paul said.

Step helps girls enjoy their time at Marian and allows them to be themselves. It’s freeing and allows students to build relationships with their peers. It’s also a great club to join if you want to find a hidden talent.

The team practices on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings in the room of 312. The club will have their first performance ever in history on Nov. 30, at the winter pep-rally.

Photo by senior, Olivia Ramaekers

After a series of stomps and claps, they all end in one stomp. They all wait there patiently for the leader to dismiss them. Practice has ended and the silence is broken. The girls burst out in glee and laughter. They look at each other with a confirming look, knowing they just completed the full step routine.

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