‘Moonstruck’ leaves viewers awestruck

By J1 Reviewer Anna Dailey 

“Moonstruck” left me and apparently other audiences awestruck, as it has been nominated and won many Academy Awards and Golden Globes. At a glance, this movie is about Loretta, played by Cher, falling for her fiancé’s brother. Set in New York in 1987, “Moonstruck” has made it to my mental list of favorite movies. 

This transportation to New York contains mainly scenes of dialogue, which makes the viewer feel like they are right there with Loretta. I was captivated by the intense conversations between Loretta and her fiance’s brother the entire time. 


Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 8.34.32 AM

Cher does a fabulous job of playing a lovestruck young woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t settle for less. Nicolas Cage, who plays Loretta’s fiancé’s brother, portrays the hurt he feels from his brother in an intense way, yet without overdoing it. The brother accidentally cut off his own fingers, and he blames his brother for distracting him while he was using a knife. 

Loretta feels for the brother, and develops a relationship with him while her fiancé is away. The question of who Loretta will choose to be with—her fiancé or his brother—divides the audience and raises differing opinions at the end of the movie. 

“Moonstruck” is appropriate for families to watch, but younger children should watch with parents. It’s MPPA rating is PG. 

The script of this movie contains humor, intensity, sadness, and love. The writers of “Moonstruck” prove that humor and sadness can complement each other in a movie. 

All in all, I would give “Moonstruck” all 5 stars out of 5. “Moonstruck” can be rented or bought on many platforms such as YouTube and Amazon.



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