Mural in upper quad celebrates Black History Month

DSC_0064good for newspaper
Representation • Mrs. Kris Hennings, and Kori Bullard ’21, Jayden White ’21 and Jess Hite ’21 unveil the mural on the morning of Feb. 7. The mural depicted pictures in her hair and shirt of influential Black leaders. Photo by Olivia Sullivan.


“If you look at this beautiful mural, you will find a glimpse of black excellence and the contributions of African American that are not included in your American History textbook. One month or one mural is not even close enough to give you all the contributions,” junior Kori Bullard said, who came up with the idea for the mural and led the effort to create it.

The mural celebrating Black History Month was unveiled on the morning of Feb. 7.

That morning, Mrs. Kris Hennings, Assistant Principal and Dean of Students, along with juniors Bullard, Jayden White and Jess Hite presented the mural with a short speech as they uncovered the mural by removing the white sheet covering it.

A group of girls including Bullard wanted to make a similar project last year, but never got around to it. This year, they were propelled into action. “They [Marian Administration] really say they want representation here. I thought, ‘I am going to go to the administration. I’m going to ask, Can we do this? Is there somewhere we can put it up?’” Bullard said.

Not only did they find support in the administration, “The art teachers [Mrs. Ashley Bauer and Mrs. Joan Sanders] literally helped us so much,” Bullard said.

The whole process took around two weeks. Although Hite was the main artist, many other students contributed to the project.

“This was a big thing, because it shows representation for Black History Month. If girls have an idea for any week or any month, go to administration about it, because they support you,” Bullard said.

“We shouldn’t have to dedicate a month just to remember them. They should just always be in our mind,” Hite said. She said she believes that art installations could be more prevalent in the Marian community. “We have so much room in this school to place any type of art. We would be able to remember so many people or so many events that have happened,” Hite said.

The same group who helped to create the mural is continuing to advocate for diversity.  “This year, we [Marian students]  combined with Creighton Prep’s BSA (Black Student Association),” Bullard said.

“Our goal is so that the black community of both these schools can come together. You have a sense of belonging. You can talk about things. You understand things. This person looks like me. They may understand me a little bit better,” Bullard said.

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