Servites Stay Strong During Pandemic


March 2020 meant many different things to different people. Lives were put on hold as everyone made arrangements to stay at home due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. For the Marian community, many students had to turn their homes into a place of learning and cope with online school. For the Servants of Mary, however, it meant something entirely different.

WEBIMG_6889sr jackie
Sr. Jackie Thorn and Jesus’s statue remind students that “Jesus Loves You” no matter where you are or who you are. Photo by Rylee Gregg.

Sr. Jackie Thorn is a familiar face for most Marian girls. She greatly enjoyed working at Marian everyday as well as attending sports games as often as she could. However, she is now at home all day, which is a drastic change from before the days of the pandemic, but she hasn’t let that get her down. She has taken on greater responsibility by serving as one of the Motherhouse Coordinators, “which means we try to keep the house running smoothly and help the sisters when needed,” Thorn said. Furthermore, she and the other sisters go to the chapel for a half hour of prayer before each of their meals. “We’re especially praying for a cure to this illness right now,” she said. 

One of the recent highlights in the lives of the Servites was  the July 18 graduation ceremony. Thorn was able to attend the socially-distanced ceremony at Baxter Arena, and she was excited to be there. “I was so pleased to be able to go. I loved seeing everyone even though we were wearing masks.”

Despite the craziness of recent months, it hasn’t stopped Sr. Jackie and the Servants of Mary from living their lives and continuing their mission to serve others . COVID-19 might mean minimal trips outside of the convent and more card games being played, but they have never stopped thinking about and praying for the Marian community.


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