Young Politician Members Get Involved

By J1 Reporter Christina Tinley

Only 40 Marian students were eligible to vote this election making the majority of students unable to directly influence the election. Finding ways to be involved in politics can be hard when you’re not eligible to vote; though, it is not impossible. Members of the Young Politicians Club have found other ways to show their support for politicians besides voting. 

Young Politicians Club is a club for students to express their views and stay informed on current issues in politics. As the presidential elections came up, the meetings were “helpful to have a place to talk about the election,” junior Josie Golka, a member of the Young Democrats Club, said. Meetings usually consist of separating into the Young Democrats Club and the Young Republicans Club to discuss their respective political parties. Occasionally, both groups unite to debate about issues, though they have not met this year. The meetings, led by club moderator, social studies teacher Mrs. Jillian Roger, can be open discussions where any topic can be discussed, or they can inform members about current issues discussed by politicians. 

Showing support for a political party is one way to get involved with politics. Golka said that the Young Democrats Club is a way to represent herself in school. With the help of the Young Politicians Club, members have a way to identify themselves with the ideas they believe in. 

Another way students are getting involved in politics is volunteering for campaigns. Junior Sophia Wagoner-Straub, a member of the Young Republicans Club and Students for Trump, is volunteering for Don Bacon’s campaign. “I knock on doors and ask if they’re voting for Don Bacon or Kara Eastman, and I ask if they’re Trump supporters,” Wagoner-Straub said.

Joining an organization, like Students for Biden or Students for Trump, allows students to get more resources to show their support for the politician they want to see in office. Golka said that the Students for Biden organization sent her signs for her front yard, informative posts that she could share online, and scripts so that she could write postcards. 

One important way to get involved in politics is getting educated. Wagoner-Straub said she stays “informed on both sides” to continue to show her support. The Young Politicians Club helps members stay informed to give a better understanding of how the political process works.

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