Minute-to-win-it games spark spirit, competition


On Friday, Nov. 6, students walked into the East Gym to find a strange combination of slushies, cheese balls and red solo cups. All classes spent the day participating in fun activities and service to celebrate Marian’s tradition, Gnimocemoh. Each class participated in minute-to-win-it games including stacking cups while blindfolded, drinking slushies as fast as they could, and dressing up. Each class was competing to complete the minute-to-win-it games as fast as possible so their class could win.  

Maddie Balus ’23 and Christina Kleinsmith ’23 stack cups on Friday, Nov. 6, trying their best to bring home the win in this new Gnimocemoh spirit event.

“The class officers and Ms. Megan Piernicky senior class moderator met up at a coffee shop and brainstormed fun ideas and games that we could do! We chose these because they seemed super fun and entertaining and we’ve never really done competitions like this before,” senior class officer Cydeny Putnam said. The senior class officers put together a fun, and exciting day for the student body and ran the minute-to-win-it games.

“The games were a fun break from school and a good opportunity to bond with my class. I would love to do something like that again,” freshman Ellen Smith said. For Smith, this was a good way for her to see the fun and competitive Marian, something she hasn’t been able to see due to COVID-19. 

Teachers used the minute-to-win-it games as a fun day off from their teaching. Math teacher Mrs. Jaime Piernicky was seen by many students having a good time and dancing, enjoying the day being with all the students. 

“The best part of teaching high school is all the silly traditions, and it is always awesome to see our students laughing and having fun together. Marian girls know how to make things joyful,” Piernicky said.

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