Color Block 2021 Kicks Off Field Day Season

By J1 Reporters Maddie Auman and Lany Gregor

Illustration by Nettie Knapton ’22

Although Marian’s Color Block looked different this year, it still had the same memorable impact on the students. Marian class officers worked hard to make this year feel as normal as possible. 

Students remained in their homerooms and each class’ officers were in different locations. The class officers Zoomed with their class to reveal their placements in color block. 

The order for first color pick was juniors, seniors, freshmen, and sophomores. First picks are decided by Walk-A-Thon (WAT), and since Juniors got first in WAT, they got first pick for color, overall theme and performance order on Field Day. The order for second pick was juniors, seniors, sophomores and freshmen. This is decided by the combination of Building Our School Spirit (BOSS) points, which are earned when students attend different Marian events, and discipline points. After discipline points are subtracted from BOSS points, the class with the highest number gets to pick first and so on. 

The final themes and colors that were picked are Saddle Up Seniors: Our Last Rodeo with red and turquoise, Juniors Just Add Sugar: When Life Gives You Lemons with yellow and emerald green, Sophomores’ Big Adventure: A Search for Spirit with bubble gum pink and orange, Freshmen Walk the Plank with royal blue and lilac. 

Each class’ theme has a story that goes along with it. The story should incorporate each of the classes and their themes. While the details of the story may change, each class has created their main idea. 

The senior’s theme centers around their class trying to make it to their last rodeo, but they are missing the longhorns from their herd to pull their wagon and get them there. In order to make it to their last rodeo they need the other classes’ help to find their missing cows and ride off into the sunset. The juniors need to collect sugar from each class to make their lemonade. The sophomores need directions from each class to have enough spirit to make it up the mountain. And finally, the freshmen are stranded on an island with a broken ship, and they need help from the other classes to save their ship and start their first voyage at Marian. 

This year, Color Block was just the thing all Marian girls needed. After the year everyone experienced, Color Block and the fourth quarter brings back Marian tradition they haven’t had in awhile. These traditions remind people what Marian is all about and makes the hard work that’s been put in all year worth it. With Field Day just around the corner, there is a lot to look forward in the next month for the Marian student body. 

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