Asking Your Family For WAT Donations

By J1 Reporter Elissa Eisele 

On Friday, Sept. 24, Marian held its annual Walk-A-Thon (WAT). WAT is one of the only all student run fundraisers held in Omaha. All of the money raised by the student body goes towards providing tuition assistance to lessen the tuition of students attending Marian who might need a little more financial support. The goal for the 2021 school year was to bring in a total of $95,000, raising the question where does this money come from, and what makes people want to donate to Marian?

A popular place to turn for donations are the families of students attending Marian. This practice can feel awkward for some students like junior Georgia Foley, who said that, “Actually, asking my family for money can make me feel a little awkward because they do not always know where the money is going.”

This is a challenge many students have faced over the years, and they need a solution. Foley said that calling her family led to them being more willing to donate, because it is a more personal way of reaching out to them. She also suggested reaching out over text, and to taking the time to make the text feel personal by including the name of the relative and even adding in a personal note, like saying you miss them.

The second challenge students face is getting their family members to fully understand where the money they are donating is going. A good rule of thumb came from Foley who suggested, “Over explain that the money they are donating is going to help with tuition assistance for other students that might need more financial aid to be able to attend Marian.” This allows for the families to feel more comfortable knowing that the money they donate is going to a good cause.

All of these tactics help to ensure that the process of asking your family for money is as comfortable for both parties as it can be.


Junior Natalie Bullock calls a family member, asking them to donate towards WAT. Photo By Elissa Eisele.

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