Open House: Sallie Peters’ new twists spark interest

By J1 Reporter Betsy Piernicky

Open House, the Super Bowl of all recruiting events, is much anticipated by the new Vice President of Enrollment Management, Mrs. Sallie [Delgado] Peters 2000. This year, Peters is making a few changes to Open House. She hopes the changes will appeal to future Marian girls and their families, and boost admissions for the Class of 2027 and future incoming classes. 

Mrs. Sallie Peters, the Vice President of Enrollment Management, poses with members of the Marian Ambassador core team (Top row from left: Hannah Butler, Martha Engel, Riya Kumar, Lucy Ambrose, Mia Butler, Maggie Tynan, Grace Sparwasser, Claire Bentley. Bottom from left: Abby Pelan, Mary Pelan) at the MHS Photo Booth. 

     The biggest addition to Open House this year is Mass at the Our Lady of Sorrows chapel at 11a.m. before the event starts. Marian alumnae with daughters in eighth grade are invited to attend. This was also organized by Alumnae Director, Mrs. Bailey [Nihsen] Postlewait 2015. She is working hard to engage alumnae, and with the two working together, this will achieve the goal of pulling Marian alumnae closer to our community, along with their daughters. 

     Another new addition to Open House this year will be pre-registration. This will allow Peters to better plan the Open House, offering our prospective families a highly individualized experience based on their areas of interest while planning for overall flow. This will also help Marian Ambassadors connect and build rapport with prospective students during Open House.

      “This sets our student ambassador tour guides up for success as they will no longer have to ask broad open-ended questions to figure out what is important to our prospective families,” Peters said. “Instead, they will be equipped with specific areas of interest, how much time a family has allotted to spend at Open House, and we will have specific tour routes that will ensure our prospects have the chance to see relevant highlights that Marian has to offer.” This new aspect also gives her an idea of how many people will attend Open House. Last year,  more than 300 families came, and the school is expecting just as many, if not more this year on Nov. 20. 

     The changes being made to Open House serve for one common purpose: meeting the enrollment goal for the Class of 2027. New additions also included student-athletes and coaches in the East Gym, clubs in the cafeteria, a food truck run by the school’s lunch providers, the Hurtados, and a MHS Photo Booth. 

     So far this year, 199 seventh and eighth grade students have spent a day at Marian as a VIC (Very Important Crusader), or formally known as a shadow. It is important that they experience the ambiance of Marian before making their high school decision. The current enrollment in the Class of 2026 is 154. The additions to Open House will spark interest in potential Crusaders and their families, and help achieve the goal of 175 registered freshmen for the Class of 2027. 


Watch the M-Beat’s first segment on Open House to see some footage from the event.

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