Temperature changes environment of classrooms

J1 Reporter Reagan Graeve

Every day he checks the temperature in Marian at 4:30 in the morning. Mr. Eric Phipps, the head maintenance engineer, goes on a daily walk around the school long before any students arrive. He’s watching out for any classroom that seems to be in need of regulating, whether it be too hot or too cold. His goal is to make sure the building is ready for students to comfortably learn in.

“That’s the first thing I do every morning when I get here.”  Phipps takes a look at the two computers that have been using the same system to collect temperature data for more than 15 years, the amount of time he has been working at Marian. The screens show the layout of the building on each floor with their temperature listed. By clicking on a classroom, Phipps can check how much warm and cold air is being put out. 

Although some days when it is colder outside it might seem colder in the classrooms, the building is set to a constant 70 to 72 degrees. The spot that seems to have the Goldilocks of temperature is debated. Sophomore Aubrey Thompson said “Miss Greisch’s room because it’s always just the right temperature because I get cold so easily.”

However, Elliot Coziahr, also a sophomore, disagrees. She said the school as a whole seems to be “too hot,” and she’s “always burning.” Coziahr would prefer the temperature to be set at 69 or 70 because being too hot affects how well she is able to focus in class. 

The most comfortable temperatures, according to vivint.com, fall between the range of 68º F and 76º F. So whether it’s wearing leggings under your skirt or wearing a short sleeve shirt to class, be prepared for Marian’s temperatures. “There are times when I walk into an area and I think ‘oh! It’s a little chilly,’” but otherwise “I think it’s perfect,” Phipps said. 

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