‘Love Island’ or ‘Too Hot To Handle’: which show creates a better connection?

‘Love Island’ lures in true love 

Review by TylerRaikar

“I got a teeext!” 

“Love Island” fans know all too well what this phrase indicates, and it is one of the many aspects that make the TV show suspenseful and fun to watch. Unlike the blah-of-a-show “Too Hot to Handle’’ in which couples recuperate in hopes of redeeming the prize money, couples who find one another in “Love Island” stick it through because of their true connections. They don’t have a little robot dictating their every move with a voice duller than the love between the contestants (also, who names a robot Lana?). 

Couples on “Love Island’’ get full range to test one another out. This actually works out since they aren’t lust-driven and thinking solely with their down-belows. When you throw a hoard of attractive, young college students in the same villa, initially tell them they are free to get with whoever and do whatever, then have that loser-Lana suddenly announce, “JUST KIDDING! No physical touch or get an offense” the tension to break these rules increases.

There no longer lies any room for the couples on “Too Hot to Handle” to simply get to know each other because only the what-ifs dwell in their heads. 

Sometimes, when no connections can be made for two contestants, they pair up in hopes of not getting kicked off the island. However, to prevent false connections, “Love Island” throws in surprise contestants midway through the season. Say two contestants were to pair up as more of an alliance— not too long after will a text be sent through to announce that two new potential-lovers are waiting for one of the contestants at a surprise date. Based on how the date goes, new couples may be formed, and all the false couples are eliminated. This lives up to its name, “Love Island.” Otherwise, it might as well be called “Alliance Island.”

Although “Love Island” interrelates with rewarding the best couple prize money, the cash is only heavily emphasized on “Too Hot to Handle.” Couples on “Love Island” attain more fulfillment after meeting someone who makes them happy. Of course, you can’t expect there to be zero drama with a reality romance TV show– friendships often fade and tears are common. That’s what makes the show real. When you side true connections with fake connections, a 4-year-old could pinpoint the stronger relationship with just a glance.

‘Too Hot to Handle’  brings true connection 

Review by KyraMcFadden

Popular dating shows like “Love Island” and “The Bachelor” have always allowed contestants a chance to create physical, intimate connections. However, the popular Netflix show “Too Hot to Handle’’ introduces a new way of forming relationships without allowing any sexual activity between contestants. 

“Too Hot to Handle” forces the contestants to look beyond a physical attraction and form a better emotional connection to have long-lasting relationships. After all, the contestants are being watched 24/7 by the talking robot Lana and will be fined for breaking the rules resulting in a lower overall prize fund. 

As the show takes its course over three to four weeks, the contestants begin to recognize that real connections are forming. They talk to others before speaking to certain people they are interested in in order to avoid “stepping on any toes.” 

Mid-season, the contestants are given a watch that lights up green allowing them physical intimacy without costing them a few thousand bucks. 

Many are excited for the opportunity to have a meaningful physical interaction because of the emotional connection built up previously. 

One of my favorite aspects of the show are the workshops and challenges that allow the contestants to become more vulnerable and create their own personal growth. 

This personal growth can help contribute to forming relationships, breaking down barriers and creating better connections with each other as friends or more. 

Like many dating shows, many couples DO end up breaking off after the season ends. But, there are a few success stories. Emily Miller and Cam Holmes from season 2 are still together ever since their appearance on the show in 2021, and most recently, Kayla and Seb from season 4 are still together. 

While dating shows do get a bad reputation for being “superficial” or “scripted by the producers,” shows like “Too Hot to Handle” can teach the contestants and audiences about the importance of forming emotional connections and a good foundation in relationships. 

“Too Hot to Handle” isn’t just a dating show, it’s also a retreat for the contestants to meet life-long friends and form genuine connections. 

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