Dynamic duo won state tennis as freshman double partners 

Jada Vosik ’25 and Torrey McManus ’25 hug after they win state at #2 doubles last May. The girls have been preparing for the 2023 season. Photo courtesy of McManus


It is every athlete’s dream to earn their very own state title. All their hard work and long practices lead to one game or match that can make them state champions. Last year, current sophomores Jada Vosik and Torrey McManus’ hard work paid off and earned them their very own state title as number two double partners in tennis. However, their story of receiving the state title is quite unique. 

During a tournament or invite six players compete. Each tournament consists of four categories: one singles, two singles, one doubles and two doubles. A team wins an invite or tournament by gaining points every time a singles player or doubles team wins a match. Number one singles and doubles are usually the more advanced players so they earn more points for their team each match that they win. However, playing any position comes with its own challenge.

Most double partners often have lessons together and develop a strategy for playing together months before the season starts. However, that was not the case for Vosik and McManus. 

The two of them were unexpectedly put together as double partners. Senior and teammate Cecilia Regan said, “They weren’t playing together at the beginning of the season and them playing together was a last resort.”

This last resort turned out to earn them the state title as freshmen. McManus said, “No one expected us to win and it was very exciting when we did.”

McManus and Vosik worked extremely well together and supported each other throughout all of their practices and matches. Their teamwork together is evident to see while playing. Along with winning the state championship, they were also undefeated all season. “They literally never lost and they showed up and won state as freshmen,” Regan said.

“Everyone on the team always cheered for us,” Vosik said. The teamwork within the varsity tennis team helps the team perform better in practices and in matches. The constant support system positively impacts the entire team’s performance.

Now that they earned the state title, they are working towards earning another for the 2023 tennis season. As of now, if they will play number one or two doubles is yet to be determined. In order to prepare for the season, the two of them had private lessons that helped them develop a better strategy. As a team they also have clinics every Monday and Friday and practices on Wednesday.

Besides winning state this year as double partners, they have a goal of going undefeated and not only winning state as partners, but also as a whole team. This would earn Marian its eighth state championship for tennis. Last year, they placed third overall in the state. 

This season McManus said that she is most excited for “being with the team every day,” and Vosik is “most looking forward to duals and invites.” The excitement ranges from not only playing a sport that they love, but to playing it with a group of amazing teammates and friends around them.

The 2023 tennis season officially began on Monday, Feb. 27 and will continue until state on May 18 and 19. The JV and varsity teams will have their first dual against Westside on March 21 at 4 p.m at Marian.  

Be sure to support the Marian tennis team through the season and to follow @mariantennis on Instagram to stay updated on all their fun events for the season.

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