Freshmen, family rock halls


Five faculty members and their daughters, all apart of the class of 2019

Five faculty members and their daughters, all part of the class of 2019. photo by anniesoener

Let’s face it: most parents just DON’T get it!

We, as teens, need our freedom from nosy ‘rents. But what if your parent is a part of your school’s faculty or staff? For five Marian freshmen, this is a reality. And it’s not as terrifying as people make it out to be. In fact, being in the same building as a parent has lots of perks.

No money on a free dress for philanthropy collection day?  No problem. If she’s in a pinch, freshman Erica Steiner enjoys the reliability of having her mom work in Student Services. Need a place to eat a quick breakfast before the first bell rings? Freshman Aidan Remmick has it covered. She and her friends hang out in her mom’s social studies classroom to kill time.

         All five of the faculty and staff members agree that sending their daughters to Marian was a no-brainer. “This is my 21st year at Marian, so I’ve had 20 years of seeing what Marian girls can be,” athletic trainer Melissa Brusnahan said. Her experience with a freshman daughter at Marian hasn’t been drastically different than past years because she is not a classroom teacher.

Mrs. Mary Steiner said it’s fun to see her freshman daughter around the halls, but adds that it’s important to let Erica do her own thing.

Theology teacher Mr. Kory Delkamiller is a fan of letting his daughters have freedom at school, however, this doesn’t cut embarrassing dad jokes out of the picture. Freshman Lydia jokes around with her dad in the hallways, and Maia is one of her dad’s students in his senior Theology class. Mr. Delkamiller said he feels privileged to be able to have encounters with his daughters at school. “It’s not if I embarrass them, it’s when I embarrass them!” Delkamiller said.

Mrs. Anna Kolterman, who is involved in Ministry Council and is a Liturgical Minister, also has two daughters in the building. She feels blessed to have Junior Juliet and Freshman Cecilia at Marian. “The girls are lucky to have each other at Marian for support and mentoring and I am fortunate to get to see them in their day-to-day.”

Mrs. Kim Remmick echoes similar thoughts. “It’s fun to see Aiden in the hallway and hear, “Hi Mom,” every now and again.” Remmick enjoys being in the same building as her daughter, but she adds that balancing what she knows as a teacher and what she wants as a parent can be difficult.

Although parents can be so embarrassing, they really are looking out for their daughter’s best interests. Even if your mom checks PowerSchool five times a day, it’s because she cares. Having a parent who is a part of Marian’s faculty and staff may seem terrifying to some girls, but these five freshmen have many advantages. Finally someone besides their classmates understands the full concept of all things Field Day. Most students don’t have this luxury. Instead, one might hear, “You’re STILL upset about the results?” from a sincerely confused parent.

The five freshmen who have parents in the building have four years to look forward to at Marian. Embarrassing moments are inevitable, but that’s a parent’s job, after all.

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