New year, new uniforms: Marian receives Under Armour sponsorship

new under armour uniforms

New Uniforms: Rachel Weremy ‘17, Bella Herrera ‘16, and Quinn Ruff ‘18 model new Under Armor athletic uniforms. photo by kellyndaly


This year, Marian has been presented with the amazing opportunity of an Under Armour sponsorship. Graphic Edge, a custom screen printing and embroidering company out of Carroll, Iowa, has worked closely with Marian for quite a few years and recently partnered with Under Armour.

Through the partnership, they are picking a few schools nationwide to sponsor, much like what colleges and universities receive.

“Marian has shown success both through athletics and in the classroom and Under Armour was very interested in co-branding with them,” Maureen White, a Graphic Edge sales representative, said.

This sponsorship will affect both athletes and non-athletes. Over the next three years, every Marian team will receive brand new Under Armour uniforms and warmups.

The Junior Varsity softball, reserve basketball, freshman basketball, Varsity volleyball, and cross country teams will be the first to receive their new uniforms and warmups over the next year. “The Under Armour brand has a great reputation for its quality, and since we’ve passed uniforms down amongst the teams, that’s going to help out with the longevity of our uniforms,” Athletic Director Ms. Rochelle Rohlfs said. Rohlfs is happy about the opportunities and perks that come with the sponsorship.

On the non-athletic side of the sponsorship, Marian gets a 40 percent discount on all Under Armour gear.

“If any clubs or student groups want to order Under Armour T-shirts or gear for their particular group, then they also get the discount,” Rohlfs said.

That means 40 percent off all club T-shirts, and everyone knows how much Marian girls love their club T-shirts.

The sponsorship is a two-year agreement with the opportunity to renew when the agreement is up. The goal is for all sports uniforms, warmups, and possibly even socks to be Under Armour brand. “There’s not an Under Armour police checking us, but they highly encourage that you represent their brand as much as possible for what they’re doing for us,” Rohlfs said.

As the 2015-2016 athletic season begins, Marian athletes can look forward to sporting high quality and classy Under Armour uniforms.

“The jerseys this year are ten times better than last year’s. They look better and they are more comfortable to play in… I’m so glad we were able to get new ones,” sophomore Avery Ost, JV softball player, said. As we delve further into this new sponsorship, Marian athletes can look forward to receiving their new, high quality uniforms.

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