Marian Moms Evolves Over Time

By J1 Reporters Grace Gustafson and Lucy Boever

Taco salad.

Homemade desserts.

Running students.

These are the familiar sights of every other Thursday.

Although Marian Moms wasn’t always this way.

Mothers and daughters bond at a Marian Moms event. Photo source 1983 Yearbook.

Mothers and daughters bond at a Marian Moms event. Photo source 1983 Yearbook.

In 1983, a relatively new group came into view, Marian Moms.

They were a subheading of the main group: the Home and School Board. However, the moms didn’t have enough projects to make it worth while.

Their solution?

Salad lunches.

These lunches have continued to be a tradition today, while the Home and School Board’s lunch program ended shortly thereafter. When the Home and School Board program ended, Marian Moms received a new name, the MVPs or the Marian Volunteer Program. This group was in charge of various activities, projects and other school-related functions.

As the years progressed, they added more responsibilities to their plate. However, these responsibilities grew to be too much and in the 2014-2015 school year, a group of moms petitioned to go back to the original Marian Moms way. Now Marian Moms has split up into several different committees; each group has a committee chair in charge of each specific event: Grandparents Day Mass, Post-Prom and salad lunches are just to name a few.

Mrs. Michelle Delisi, Marian Moms liaison at Marian, says that she and the moms wouldn’t have it any other way.

The students would also agree.

“I love Marian Moms. I also think it’s a great way for mothers and daughters to connect through Marian,” freshman Anna Kenney said.

Although their name and their responsibilities may have changed throughout the years, Marian Moms has always had one central goal, as stated in their informational packet: “To engage parents, families, Alumnae and friends of Marian to share their time, treasure and talents to advance the Servite tradition and encompass the Charism of the servants of Mary: devotion to Mary, compassion, service and community.”

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