New Kids in your Block

By J1 Reporter Carmen Miller

17-year-old freshmen.

Well, not technically, but that’s what it feels like to transfer schools as an upperclassmen. This year Marian has seven new students, including three sophomores, three juniors, and one senior. “There is no average number of transfers per year, I’ve had as little as four students and as many as 11,” Recruitment Director Molly Woodman said.

Deciding to transfer schools isn’t something that happens over night, it takes a good amount of thinking and contemplating. Once someone decides that Marian might be the right place for her, she goes through a process.

 “Before someone can transfer in, I want to have conversation with their parents about why they want to come to Marian. Then I request their grades and strongly recommend that they shadow,” Woodman said.

After a student jumps through those hoops, they can register for their classes. Every new student has their own personal reasons for leaving their old school, but they all picked Marian for a reason. “I had a lot of reasons for choosing Marian, but it was mostly because of the academic integrity and school spirit,” said junior Belle Kenny, who transferred from another local private school.

Many students are attracted by Marian’s high standards of education, and it can be difficult to adjust to. “The most challenging thing I’ve had to adjust to is the academics, I’m used to just skating by,” Kenny said.

Another perk for transfers is a decorated locker, this is a picture if Junior Belle Kenny. Photo by Carmen Miller.

Another perk for transfers is a decorated locker, this is a picture of Junior Belle Kenny. Photo by Carmen Miller.

Another challenge for transfers is becoming part of the school’s community. The classes at Marian are all very close and trying to integrate yourself into that as an outsider can be difficult. Luckily for transfer students, Marian’s community is also welcoming.

“The sophomore Class of 2018 has been so amazing in supporting me through this transition. Everyone has greeted me with open arms and accepted me as their own,” sophomore Emelia De Smet-Bacon said.

The counselors at Marian knew about the difficulties these girls might have, so they went out of their way to be as helpful as they could at the beginning of the year. “I really appreciate everything my counselor did for me, she made me feel welcome right from the start,” Kenny said. From showing them where their classes are to hosting a breakfast for them, the counselors did everything they could to create a welcoming environment for these girls in shiny new uniforms.

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