Teacher BFFs? #BestFriendGoals

By J1 Reporter Ellie Rommelfanger

Two girls hold hands and spin in a circle against a sunset backdrop. This is the Instagram picture that you just looked at captioned “#bestfriendgoals.” What are these “goals?”  Well, if you ask junior Bunny Nelson, she will tell you, “Best friend goals? That’s easy. Genoways and Tuttle.”

There are many things that make science teacher Mrs. Sharon Genoways and French teacher Mrs. Janet Tuttle goal-worthy, the most obvious being the part where they actually work together. The two met through Marian, but cannot remember how it all happened. One thing they do know, however, is the similarities that they had from the start.

“When she was hired, the principal came in and said ‘I just hired a French teacher and she looks exactly like you,’” Genoways said.

Mrs. Janet Tuttle and Mrs. Sharon Genoways on a school trip. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Tuttle

Mrs. Janet Tuttle and Mrs. Sharon Genoways on a school trip. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Tuttle

This is not a new concept to them, as Tuttle said, “We’ve been asked SO many times if we’re sisters. And I have five sisters and you (Genoways)  look nothing like any of my sisters–you probably look more like me than my sisters do!”

Aside from looks, the pair finds similarities in the way that they live their lives and parent their children. Their oldest daughters are friends too, and spent their first year of college rooming together.

Another thing that makes these two absolute goals is the fact that they might possibly use some form of telepathy. They share the same sense of humor, taste in TV shows and books, and even have the same sense of style. “We will often, absolutely without telling each other, wear similar clothes to school. That happens like once a week,” Tuttle said.

“It’s kinda scary almost,” Genoways adds. Friendship goals like that are hard to come by.

However, if you want in on this fun friendship, do not worry! The duo assures that they are not exclusive, and do eat lunch with other people too. So, do not be afraid to join them on their morning water run, and next time you are wondering about #bestfriendgoals, just look around at all of the TBFFs (Teacher Best Friends Forever) at Marian.

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