How Sara McKeon Was Gifted with the Ultimate Full Time Job: Being a Mom

Inspirational Feature by J1 Reporter
Maria Gallegos

Every day, Sara McKeon wakes up and gets ready for her full time job: being a mom. She also works as a part time teacher assistant and part time hotel reservation taker. Ultimately, her main aspiration was to be a stay-at-home mom.

Inspirational Mom Sara McKeon outside her home. Photo by Maria Gallegos.

Inspirational Mom Sara McKeon outside her home. Photo by Maria Gallegos.

“The mom job is my main job because my mom stayed home with me when I was younger, and I wanted to do that for my kids, too. I also wanted the opportunity to see them grow up from the time that they were little,” McKeon said.

McKeon and her growing family had to make some slight adjustments as her children got older. “Once my daughter Katie got into school, we knew Catholic education was expensive so I found a source of income through these two part time jobs I have,” McKeon said.

Suddenly, her and her husband’s plan was put on hold. After having two kids, McKeon and her husband learned that she was unable to have any more children. This created quite a challenge within their plan to have a larger family. McKeon says, “We always wanted a lot of kids. The inability for us to have a lot of kids was a major obstacle, yet it created the huge ability to adopt Katie. Those both were the biggest influences in our lives as we still wanted another child.”

This new challenge forced McKeon to take a step back and decided to put all of her life in God’s hands. “When you are young, you think you will just get married and have kids but once something gets in the way you appreciate the gift of each child because they don’t always come so easily. You have to rely on God instead of yourself. That really strengthens my faith and allows me to put things in his hands rather than my own,” she said.

McKeon’s main inspiration through this ordeal was her faith. This faith carried over while raising her children and watching them grow into independent people. McKeon explains, “The biggest thing that inspires me would have to be my Catholic faith, that is definitely the big umbrella. Basically, try to live your life following the rules you know. I mostly try to follow the saying, ‘What would Jesus do?’ Live your life like that,” McKeon said.

McKeon also has another important inspiration who has helped her personally in her own life. She explains, “I look to people like my parents, especially my mom. People that are older than me have gone through more, that is why it is important to look up to them. My mom is one of the most important people that I look up to.”

Now that her children are growing up in the world and are becoming more and more independent, McKeon shared some advice to help them along their way. “I don’t ask a lot from my kids but I do ask that whoever you come in contact with, you need to be kind because you never know if that person has had any other contact with anyone else that week. Just be kind and smile and show people that you care.”

Her son Joe, is 26 years old and working at First National Bank while her oldest daughter Maggie is a sophomore at Benedictine College. Her youngest daughter, Katie, is a sixth grader at St. Margaret Mary’s. As she looks back on how her family has grown together, McKeon has a lot to be proud of. She said, “I am most proud that my husband and I were able to make it work so I could stay home and have the kids with me during the early years. It took a lot of sacrifice to stay in only our very first home. I am proud that my kids seem to be self supported.”

McKeon has continued to fill her role as a mom and continues to try and give her kids advice and the strength to grow up and become more and more independent. McKeon said, “I like raising my kids to be kind and how to be on their own successfully.”

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