Taking the HeARTs of the Marian Community Art teacher: Mr. Jeremy Cisco inspires students

Inspirational Feature By J1 Reporters Courtney Doherty and Megan Szwanek

Gandhi. Mandela. Martin Luther King, Jr. These are the names of some of the most inspirational people in the world. One important name is missing from this list: Mr. Jeremy Cisco.

From riding a motorcycle to raising a family, Cisco proves to be an inspiration in the Marian community. Not only does Cisco love teaching Art I and II, but he loves the great atmosphere that only Marian can provide. “Everyone is here for the right reasons,” Cisco said. “Everyone is focused and dedicated.”

Art teacher Mr. Jeremy Cisco inspires students. Photo by Courtney Doherty

Art teacher Mr. Jeremy Cisco inspires students. Photo by Courtney Doherty

After teaching for a year, Cisco said the most rewarding part of teaching at Marian is “the fact that you can teach and not have to discipline first.” Cisco enjoys being a part of a welcoming environment where “everyone is so nice: the students, the teachers, everyone.”

Cisco is looked up to for being persistent and hardworking in everything he does at Marian. He is involved in the set construction for the school plays and musicals. “It’s fun teaching girls how to use the tools and make something out of nothing,” Cisco said. “It’s like art, but bigger.” Cisco has always loved art. His favorite kind of art is drawing, especially in graphite.

There is more to Cisco than just teaching art. Cisco also enjoys bicycling, running, and even rides a motorcycle to school. “I’ve always loved bicycling and the wind and being on two wheels,” Cisco said. “It’s wonderful, but it’s dangerous, so don’t do it,” Cisco added jokingly.

Of course, Cisco also loves to spend time with his family, especially his daughter of 5 and a half months. His daughter Fern is “fat and happy,” Cisco said. Cisco enjoys showing pictures of Fern to his art classes and is very proud to be her dad.

“Inspiration is something that drives you to get in touch with your higher self,” Cisco said. From his grandfather, Cisco learned: “The harder you work, the more important it is to take breaks.” With this advice, Cisco hopes to make a lasting impact on his students.

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