Digging Up More on Moore

Inspirational Feature By J1 Reporter Sam Elkins

Selfie: Sam Elkins and Ms. Moore

Selfie: Sam Elkins and Ms. Moore

Fifth grade teacher Julie Moore has touched the lives of many throughout her 25 years of teaching. Never has there been a more positive person to walk the halls of Mary Our Queen Grade School. “I don’t remember ever not being happy during her class,” said former student Abby Elkins. “She constantly puts the students interest first and is sure that we are always making the best of our day.”

Moore attended college at UNO and began her first year with a nursing major. After two years in the nursing program, she decided that teaching was what she was truly meant for. “I wanted to be a teacher because you get summers off and touch lives of so many families,” Moore said. Making an impact on others’ lives is what motivates Moore to be positive. Knowing that she is an example to those surrounding her makes her focus on her behavior throughout the day which is why her students look up to her.

There is more to Moore than just her big smile and boisterous laugh. This past year, she found out that she had colon cancer. Upon hearing this, she never lost her optimistic attitude and remained faithful throughout her journey. “Knowing that God watches over me puts me at peace. I talk to God and feel the prayers being said for me,” Moore said. She ended up having to receive two surgeries which caused her to miss about 14 weeks of school. Her fighting motivation was, “My faith and knowing that I need to be an example for others is what really helped me through,” she said. The students and staff continued to keep her in their prayers and were anxious for her return to the classroom.

Upon her return, she was welcomed with full smiles from every student and co-worker. “It was the coolest thing. When I walked in, all of the kids could not stop smiling. I was so happy to be back, it was just like nothing had changed,” Moore said. The students were overjoyed and eager to have her as their teacher again. “We were all so excited to see her again,” said Amelia Zimmerman, current student of Moore’s. “Being without her for that long was the worst.”

With her optimism and positivity, Moore believes that she really is living life to the fullest. She enjoys being around people whether it is at the pool, coaching volleyball, or in the classroom.

“Being positive makes my life so much easier because happy is better,” Moore said. “Ilook forward to laughing and making people laugh every day.” Considering she does have quite the reputation to keep up, being the “best teacher ever” and all, making people laugh is on the top of her To-Do list whenever she can.

There is not another person quite like Moore. Influencing the lives of her students as wellas being influenced by them, has shaped her into who she is today.

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