Mock trial participants close the case


Mock trial is back at Marian, and students are ready to put their lawyer skills to the test. “The best part about Mock trial is getting to actually go to competitions; it’s really fun to see everyone’s hard work finally coming out, and when you ask really good questions,” senior Emmy Witzenburg said, “and when you impeach your witness, it’s a really good feeling.” These are just a few of Witzenburg’s favorite things about Mock Trial.

This school year marked the resurrection of Mock Trial, and it was all thanks to lawyer Jennifer Icenogle and social studies teacher Tom Baker. Baker has “enjoyed watching the girls work extremely hard to meet their goals.”

The team this year is composed of freshman Lily Gonzalez, freshman Taylor Hofbauer, junior Vienna Tang, junior Sarah Villarreal, senior Morgan Crockett, senior Collette Gillaspie, senior Emmy Witzenburg, and senior Ashley Yakopec.mock trial color

“Mock Trial is basically an activity where you compete against other teams, so you re- ceive a case and argue it in front of a real judge and jury that is composed of two real attorneys,” Witzenburg said.

The first meet on Oct. 13 went well; the team defeated Elkhorn South High School in the trial of Taylor Tomte versus Estate of Orville Earhart, an imaginary case that involves a drone and $1,000,000 worth of gnome damage. “The case is the same throughout the whole year. Before our first trial we practiced every day after school for two hours. Now we practice whenever we can find the time,” Witzenburg said.

The second meet on Oct. 19 against Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart was tough. The team did not end up winning overall, but they felt they put up a good fight. “Our most recent competition was a big chal- lenge, but I think our team performed really well. In case you don’t know, Duchesne is the defending national champion in Mock Trial. It was kind of intimidating going up against them, but considering it was only our second trial ever, we did a really good job, and we made a lot of good points,” Witzenburg said.

Watch the savvy Mock Trial team compete against Northwest High School at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 5 at the Douglas County Courthouse.

The girls on the team are only getting better, so come and witness what the team has worked hard to accomplish.

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