Ms. J. inspires Marian girls with her positivity

Inspirational Feature by J1 Reporter Anna Mantini

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and having to inspire teammates and customers.” -Robin S Sharma

Ms. Kathy Janata, Mama J, in her counselor office in Student Services. Photo by Ana Mantini

Ms. Kathy Janata, Mama J, in her counselor office in Student Services. Photo by Ana Mantini

Ms. Kathy Janata has been an inspiration to this school for 26 years. She continues to be one of the most positive and genuine staff members around. Marian girls in every grade are inspired by her selfless acts every day.

Janata is one of the three counselors at Marian, along with Mrs. Laura Gelecki and Ms. Kathy DeBoer. Any Marian girl asked would have something amazing to say about each of these women. Janata’s life is lived in accordance with faith and service which is something anyone would admire.

Her qualities are shown at Marian every day, whether she is helping a student with college applications, motivating students to get the grades they want, or talking girls through problems they are having at home. She is always a shoulder to lean on, no matter what.

“The two things that are probably the most important to me are my faith and family…I think that’s why I’ve always been in Catholic schools. I love that Catholic schools feel like home. When you come to these places you have another sense of family.” Janata said.

Obviously she is in the right place. Marian is full of people just like Janata; positive, willing, and helpful. That’s why girls keep coming back each day. Little do we know, the students inspire her just as much as she inspires them.

Janata states “Love the girls. #1. The students in this building are amazing. They have great spirit. They work so hard. They really love each other even though they don’t show it sometimes. I think they genuinely care about others, compete, but continue to have underline respect.” Janata is influenced by the girls at Marian more than anything. Every day our students continue to have this effect on people.

It is hard to know if Janata is having a bad day. She always has a phenomenal attitude and a huge smile on her face. Her positivity and selflessness are prominent in everything she does.

Janata continues to say, “You know I sustain my positivity because of my relationship with God again, every day I just feel so blessed. Some days I want to complain about so many things, but I’ve learned that I just have to be grateful for the things I do have. This is a lot easier when you love your job. The student body brings a lot of energy to me. Teenagers just have this light, and I think it’s so amazing going to work each day. People laugh at my jokes even when they’re not funny. It’s truly an incredible place.”

Janata is influenced by numerous people in her life. One person that truly speaks to her is someone that goes by the name of “The Hug Doctor.” He is a speaker who taught about the simplicity of loving and how much something so little means. “We all do the best we can,” Janata said. Another person who inspires Janata is Ellen DeGeneres, who is an inspiration to others as well. “She is sensitive, loving, and generous. I love when she says, ‘be good to one another,’ because it is so true! Everyone is trying their best and everyone deserves a certain respect. I just love her,” Janata said.

Janata describes the qualities she sees in herself by saying, “I think I’m pretty genuine. What you see is what you get. I am honest with most things. Trust and honestly are things that are really important to me. Another thing is humor. If you don’t have a sense of humor, life is going to be pretty hard. However, I don’t think any Marian girls will have this problem!”

Most girls would agree with everything Janata has to say. If you’re ever having a bad day or in need of some help with numerous things, she is definitely worth the visit. She is located in the college center every day and will always be there to help.

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