19 Marian Girls and Counting: Juniors continue long family legacy


Sydney Monahan '17

Sydney Monahan ’17

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, but 19 is just right. Junior Sydney Monahan and her two cousins, juniors Mackenzie Freed and Anna Kirby, are three in a long line of Marian girls.

Monahan, Freed, and Kirby are not the first set of three to roam Marian’s halls, and they may not be the last. Three of their older cousins, Kaitlyn Barnard, Michaela O’Connor, and Jenna Wiest, were all members of the Class of 2011.

Monahan’s two younger sisters and cousins could make up another set of three in Marian at the same time in years to come.  These terrific trios prove that good things really do come in threes.

JoAnn Monahan, the girls’ grand- mother, made the decision to send her daughters to Mari- an more than four decades ago. Besides the outstanding aca- demics, Mrs. Mona- han knew Marian had something special to provide. “Take advantage of what Marian has to offer,” Mrs. Monahan said. “… there is a lot of opportunity to succeed.”

Anna Kirby '17

Anna Kirby ’17

Whenever they spend time with their family, Monahan, Freed, and Kirby see the influence Marian has on its students. “All my aunts and cousins have been very suc- cessful, and I think [Marian] has pushed them to achieve what they want to do with their lives,” Monahan said.

Field Day is a hot topic of conversa- tion among their family. As graduates of Juniors at the Barre (2001) and Juniors in Bloom (2010), their aunts and cousins still reminisce about their Demonstrasions and mourn their losses. Despite any lasting bitterness, their graduated relatives are still happy to discuss their Marian memories.

The family competition does not end with Field Day. Walk-A-Thon is a race for money among the three cousins. “During Walk-A-Thon, it’s whoever gets to the aunt or uncle first,” Freed said.

Although they were able to decide for themselves, Monahan and her cousins had no trouble choosing to don a royal blue uniform and march through the Marian halls every day for the next four years. Marian identity was in their veins, and they already felt at home.

Mackenzie Freed '17

Mackenzie Freed ’17

“I decided to go to Marian, because it’s an awesome school, and I wanted to continue that legacy,” Freed said.

After lots of stories and anticipation, Monahan, Freed, and Kirby are finally experiencing Marian for themselves.  They have learned time management skills, tolerance, and perseverance all on their own.

“Even if things aren’t going 100 percent your way, don’t give up and keep trying to achieve what you want to achieve. Don’t let things stop you from doing what you want to do,” Monahan said.

Monahan, Freed, and Kirby have all benefited from the all-girls, com- passionate environment at Marian. “I like the environment and everything they teach us at Marian. I like the all girl community. It has had a big impact on me,” Kirby said. Kirby even wishes to continue the legacy when she has daughters of her own. “I’d give them an option, but I’d tell them all the good things about Marian,” she said.

Not all Marian girls are as lucky as Monahan, Freed, and Kirby to be surrounded by actual family while here, but classmates become friends, and friends become sisters. Monahan and her cousins have proved that, at Marian, anything is possible. Cousins can even become sisters.

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