EyeWOWs: Eyebrows become latest beauty trend


featuring Kyleigh Gall '18.  graphic by noelle pick

featuring Kyleigh Gall ’18. graphic by noelle pick

Recently, eyebrows have gained a cult following. The phrase “on fleek” (adj. /‘ȯn flēk’/: the quality of being perfect or on point) has been integrated into the average teenage girl’s vocabulary. Women spend copious amounts of time making sure their brows are just right before heading out with friends.

Celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Zendaya Coleman, and Lily Collins have helped usher in the latest eye- brow trend. Long gone are the days of pencil-thin, barely-there brows; stand- out stunners are what’s poppin’ now. “Eyebrows really help frame your face and bold ones do a really good job of it,” sophomore Kyleigh Gall said. Gall was nominated by her peers in the Network Google survey as an example of having great eyebrows.

The key to wow-worthy brows is proportion. Super skinny eyebrows can make it look like you got a little too crazy playing with mom’s new tweezers. Brows that are too thick can make it look like a toddler used an XXL Sharpie to draw on your face.

To achieve this perfect proportion, there are three general guidelines to follow when it comes to eyebrow shape (see diagram). The most important guideline to remember is that eyebrows are perfect as long as they make their owner feel like a fearless, sassy, girl-boss, ready to take on the world.

“It is such a nice feeling when I know my eyebrows look good. It makes me feel more confident,” junior Lucy Boever said. Boever was also nominated in the Network survey for her stellar brows. “I love it when people compliment my eyebrows. It makes me feel good and gives me so much confidence.” Gall said.

The amount of upkeep brows require is completely up to the their owner. The most popular forms of maintenance among Marian students are tweezers for the occasional stray hair or doing nothing to them at all.

“Eyebrows are a weird feature in general, and you can do so much with them,” Boever said. Like a fingerprint, everybody’s eyebrows are different. Some experimentation is required to find the shape, size and style perfect for each person.

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