October Teacher Feature: Mr. Mark Koesters


Q: Where did you grow up?A: In Iowa on a farm.

Q: How long have you worked at Marian? A: This is my 29th year.

Q: What clubs/organizations have you moderated? A: We had the fake football club in the early ’90s, I ran Student Board from ’90 to about ’95, I’ve been in charge of Operation Others for about 15 years, I’ve been in charge of the Latin Club for about 15 years; I started a knitting club that lasted a year or two, we started an environmental club that lasted a year, and when I first came there was a club with Prep and Marian to deal with current issues.

Q: What other hobbies/organizations are you involved in outside of Marian? A: I’m so busy with Marian that my organization is to sit at home, be quiet, read books and relax.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Marian? A: The thrill of being here and the actual teaching and just the interaction with the students.

Q: Who is the most interesting person you’ve met at Marian? A: Mr. [Al] Di Mauro. He was kind of my mentor in learning and teaching Latin, he taught me a lot about style of teaching. He’s an interesting person.

Q: Any funny stories that come to mind? A: I used to hate chaperoning dances because people danced very very very inappropriately, and I finally just got really angry and started walking around with a big flashlight at dances. I would actually break up couples that were too close to each other. I mean I would yank guys away. So I got a reputation of being with the flashlight, and sometimes the girls didn’t know that the guy had been yanked away and that it was me behind them.

Q: What classes have you taught while here? A: All four years of religion: Scripture, Church History, Morality, World Religions, Sacraments. We used to have a whole semester just on marriage, I taught that. For the last 10 years I’ve been teaching Latin as well.

Q: Anything else you want to say? A: Well, I’ll say this: I taught four years at a different school, 28 years here. These 28 years have gone quicker [than the other school]. I own nothing from that other school except one yearbook. I have multiple yearbooks [from Marian]. Over the years, I’ve gotten about 100 T-shirts from here. I have a box of about 20 T-shirts in storage. So just the spirit and excitement. People who have taught at other places and come here say they’ll never teach anywhere else.

 J1 Inspirational Feature on Mr. Koesters

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