Senior is no stranger to the slopes



graphic by Devon Gottsch

Most people ski as a leisurely vacation activity. For senior Claire Bidroski, skiing is a lifestyle. Bidroski is more than familiar with the sport; she’s been skiing since she was 9 years old. Although Nebraska isn’t necessarily known for its ski slopes, Mount Crescent Ski Area, located in Honey Creek, Iowa, is only 15 minutes away from the Big O. “During the winter, I ski between four or five days a week at Mount Crescent Ski Area,” Bidroski said.

When Bidroski’s best friend asked her to go skiing with her years ago, the sport was love at first slope. “I feel like I am being myself most when I ski and I have such an abundance of confidence in myself,” Bidroski said.

The senior made the decision to go to college close to a ski resort. Regis University, which is located in Denver, Colorado, seemed like the perfect fit. The university offers a club skiing team that Bidroski hopes to be a part of.

Bidroski does not plan to stop her skiing career after living in the mountains for her college years. “I would love to compete in big name competitions, such as the X Games,” Bidroski said.

A downside to the sport is the lack of ski slopes in Nebraska. Mount Crescent Ski Area is the closest option in proximity to Omaha. Bidroski’s family occasionally travels to South Dakota for competitions, although skiing tends to be costly. A season pass costs about $400. In addition, new skis are $300. Ski gear for the season pushes the price up another $50.

Even though the sport comes with some extra baggage, Bidroski always manages to pursue skiing purely for her love of the sport. If she’s in competition or teaching her younger sister how to master the sport, Bidroski said she feels most relaxed when surrounded by the slopes.

With college right around the corner, the Denver mountains will be easy access for Bidroski. The almost weekly 15-minute trek to Mount Crescent will be no more because the slopes will practically be in Bidroski’s back- yard next year. For this ski queen, it’s all downhill from here.

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