Weird fears cause tears


‘Tis the season to be afraid.  With Halloween right around the corner, monsters, ghosts, and witches are starting to come out.  Most people stopped being afraid of the supernatural a while ago, but for some Marian girls, their fears are a little more realistic, and a little unusual. For most people, plugging in the toaster is a normal task that doesn’t even require much thought, but for sophomore Maria Determan, it’s a daunting job. She has a fear of outlets and plugging in cords. She’s been wary about a specific outlet in her kitchen for many years, but after an incident with a George Foreman grill, her fear has intensified.

“A series of sparks, smoke, and screams resulted from the incident. I broke the outlet and was scarred for life,” Determan said. The outlet was not the only broken object. The family had to buy a new George Foreman grill afterwards. Determan now refuses to ever use that outlet again. “I’ve always had the fear of an outlet sparking on me, but this incident ‘blew up’ my fear!” she said.

Junior Anna Mantini has a slightly more relatable fear: her driver’s ed teacher. Everyone can appreciate that getting behind the wheel can be a little nerve wracking, but imagine learning to drive with a biggest fear sitting in the front seat.

weird fears web“I cannot look at him without wanting to cry. It’s so funny to people, but I am completely serious about this fear,” she said. Mantini also dreads seeing her instructor outside the Marian parking lot picking up other girls for driving lessons. “I avoid all eye contact with him,” she said.

Sophomore Grace Apker is plagued by a fear of mouths. “I’d say I’ve been afraid [of mouths] most of my life. I don’t think I’ve ever been comfortable with them,” she said. Most people hate going to the dentist, but for Apker, it may be the root of her fear.  “Personally, I blame those pictures of mouths at the dentist’s office to get you to floss,” Apker said.

Senior Abby Birkel’s fear is on a larger scale. She is afraid of whales and has been since middle school. The enormity of these animals is what creeps her out the most. Birkel is adamant that whales are actually much scarier than sharks. “Just the thought of whales makes me cringe. I have had a lot of nightmares about them,” she said.

Halloween is definitely the time of year to be afraid. While some Marian students’ fears are a little on the strange side, there are likely some fears that unite all Marian girls. After all, walking up soph-lot in the dead of winter will strike fear in any girl’s heart.

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