BLUEtique open for business

By J1 Reporter Becca Williams

Dec. 3 was a monumental retail business day in Marian’s history. Staff and administrators gathered near the Military Avenue Circle entrance, lined up behind the blue ribbon, scissors in hand.

AH Grandopening BLUE2Students, parents and teachers alike crowded around in the Quad, waiting anxiously for the doors to open. After President Ms. Mary Higgins gave a brief introduction, the ribbon cutting ceremony completed, and the BLUEtique was officially open for business at 11 a.m.

Those involved hope this will be a much more convenient location than the middle of the first floor hallway and much more attractive for customers.  Higgins thanked the architects and the advancement staff for their efforts in the process that has been under construction since the end of August.

“It is a welcoming environment, and I am more inclined to buy things,” junior Kayla Constantino said.

Even some of Marian’s students were involved in the process as interns in the BLUEtique. “After a lot of hard work in preparation for this, we are ready and excited to work in the BLUEtique, junior intern Tehra Finn-Jackson said.

The Marian community will benefit as a whole with this new, highly-anticipated retail outlet on campus.


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