Food roles are real and must be stopped

beccaOpinion by J1 Reporter Becca Williams

Eggs, pancakes, bacon.

What do all of these food favorites have in common? They’re unfairly oppressed and constrictingly sorted into categories. These food roles make me sick to my stomach.

Foods of all kinds should not be confined to a specific meal. Cereal is not just a breakfast food. What about this carb-filled wonder makes it any more appropriate to eat in the morning than in the evening? If I want to eat pasta when I wake up, I should be able to without any fear of society judging me.

I especially have an issue with this at restaurants. Depending on the time of arrival, my selections are extremely limited. I consider this very inconsiderate on their part. I realize this might make things a bit more difficult in the kitchen, but the satisfaction of their picky customers is what should really matter.

Who established these fine lines of cuisine? I would jump at the chance to have a short, civil convo with this ridiculously close-minded person. What could have possibly compeled him or her to declare that a type of food would only be acceptable strictly at certain meals?

I beg all of you to take a stand against food roles. It’s up to you to make this necessary change to these restrictions. I hope tomorrow you have mashed potatoes for breakfast and waffles after school and know that even if the rest of the world objects, I support you.

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