I Don’t Know, So Please Stop Asking: A Friendly Message to Adults

Opinion by  J1 Reporter Mary Kate Garriott

It doesn’t matter if you are class president, barely getting D’s, an athlete, a rebel with teen angst, in choir, or anything in between; there is one question all of us teens hate the most: “So, where do you think you’re going to college?”I don’t know if parents want to seek out the competition for their own kids by finding out where we are going or they genuinely just weren’t taught to be better conversationalists, but this is the dreadful question we all get and hate.

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I wouldn’t mind the question so much if it was asked every so often by a parent I knew, but it’s the fact that every single adult I see wants to know what my life plans are.

Yes, I realize they are just trying to be nice and friendly, but why must they ask this question? They could ask how my family is, how school is going, what my favorite color is; basically any question other than this.

And this question almost always leads to a, “I’m not sure yet, I’m only a junior.” And is then followed by a “Well, you don’t really have to know now anyways.”

If you and I both know I am a junior and have an entire year to figure this out why do you even ask?

There is absolutely no point to this question because it only irritates me and wastes your breath because I’m never going to give you an answer.

I am almost positive there is some sort of secret adult club that discusses this horrendous question. I don’t know if at this club they made their goal to annoy us or for some weird reason they came up with a strategy to ask the question a thousand times because they think that the more adults that ask the quicker we will figure it out and respond with an actual answer.

Who knows, maybe they are naïve and are just a bunch of grownups who actually want to know where we are going.

I have no idea what adults are thinking when they ask us this question, but I do know that every time they ask it we all want to scream “I DON’T KNOW, SO PLEASE STOP ASKING!”

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