Stop the Food Moochers


Ana Hingorani

A food mooch, according to a word of mouth definition I heard at summer camp two years ago, means to see someone eating something and every single time, ask, “Can I have some of that?”

Aka, the main reason some of us are hesitant to take out our snacks in public.

According to my friends and I, there are two different categories of food mooching you can be placed in: one, the curious mooch.

The person who understands what they are doing and what they are asking, and has the decency to be embarrassed about it. But nonetheless, they still ask, because they are curious. “What are you eating over there?” “I’ve never seen that before.”

“Can I have some of that?”

Two, the shameless mooch. The kind of horrible person who will ask for what you have simply because they can, and they know they can guilt trip you into giving it to them.

A prime example of the shameless mooch is my little sister, Amanda, a seventh grader at Gretna Middle School. When asked about her constant and unbearable mooching and possible reasons for it, she shrugs and says, “It’s nice because you don’t have to do any work. Someone gets some food out and you can just like, borrow it.”

You can imagine my outrage when I read this statement back to Amanda and she found nothing wrong with it.

We all need to know how to protect ourselves from mooches. You can just say no and risk hurting the mooch’s feelings, or you can pretend you didn’t hear them. Some people prefer to call them out on their actions, which I wouldn’t recommend, because you never know how they’ll react.

We all know a mooch, or multiple moochers. And if you can’t think of any at the moment, chances are you are one.

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