Up all night: not just a One Direction song anymore

Opinion by J1 Reporter Anna Mantini


Anna ManTEENAGER who’s just trying to live her life

Life without sleep can be compared to life without Marian cookies. Now that is saying a lot! Sleep is extremely important. Although this statement is so true, I do not follow it at all.

Sleep just isn’t a priority for me. I wish it was, but I’m a teenage girl going to Marian and I have way more important things to worry about.

Many necessary things get put aside because of schoolwork, sports, and other activities. Showering falls under this category as well. Thank goodness I go to Marian.

Most girls at this school do not care about how they look or how others look, therefore showering isn’t as important as it would be at other schools, therefore I have more time to study, and therefore I get better grades. So overall, Marian wins once again.

Anyway, sleep is something I just need to put aside. For example, here is a normal day in the life of me.

I come home from school, and throw my heavy backpack to the ground, grab a water and usually a not so healthy snack, proceeding to flop onto the couch. Give me 10 minutes to rest at least!

After some time I get out my backpack once again to start on my 2-4 hours of homework, shedding a few tears. I usually finish the easier things first, so I feel like I have done something productive. I have soccer which takes up about three hours of my night. After that, I get home and try to finish more homework and study for the impossible tests I have to take the next day.

God bless my mom, Ruthanne Mantini, for always finding time to make some dinner in between the family’s hectic schedule. She deserves the majority of credit here. After that, I continue to study and work on homework until 11:30 or later.

As you can tell, I just do not have time to get an efficient amount of sleep along with so many other teenage girls. I am swamped with schoolwork and other things to do. I would sleep for so long if I could but I just cannot. Along with schoolwork and sports, I choose to juggle my friendships, volunteering, and other club obligations.

Lack of sleep is one of the biggest problems in my life and there is nothing I can do about it, except for drinking some coffee. If I put off other priorities for sleep, I could possibly not excel in classes or sports. Something has to go and sleep seems like the only option. It is possible to face some consequences of no sleep which include exhaustion and a hard time focusing at school.

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone just needs to sit back and appreciate the good things in life, like Marian cookies and pasta Mondays. Lack of sleep just won’t be fixed.

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