Wellness Wednesday: third quarter fitness activity keeps girls in their seats

To jump start third quarter, the Varsity M-Club promoted another “Wellness Wednesday” into the first extended homeroom period of 2016.  M-Club moderator, Ms. Ronda Motykowski, shared a 20 minute YouTube video by Jessica Smith for students and staff. “This should be somewhat entertaining,” Motykowski said in an email before the activity.

After regular homeroom business on Jan. 6, Motykowski came on the p.a. and encouraged homeroom teachers to cue their classroom projectors for the “Seated Exercise for Abs, Legs, Arms|Full Length 20 Minute Chair Workout.”  JessicaSmithTV Seated Workout


Watching the projected YouTube video and the camera, freshmen get started in the 20-minute seated workout.

Some homerooms with sleigh-type desks (those that have the seat attached to the desk in a single unit) had a bit of a challenge with the activity that included leg lifts, modified squats and torso twisting.  Understanding the limitations, freshman homeroom teacher Ms. Adrianna Magistro moved her homeroom to the journalism room to take advantage of chairs and open spaces.


Librarian Mrs. Donna Broekemeier even came in the room to see what the laughter and hype was about.


Freshmen Sadie Shepherd, Emily Schneckenberger and Maegyn Reiner get caught at different stages in the arm workout.  Emily had just said, “If you were to put a watermelon between my arms, I could smash it!”

Freshman Emily Schneckenberger said she really enjoyed the activity. “I thought it was really fun to be with your class and to do the exercises.  It was fun to be with friends and just mess around in a break from classes,” she said.

Other Wellness Wednesdays included a 1/2 mile walk on the practice track in the first quarter and an aerobic Boot Camp video [Wellness Wednesday Boot Camp] created by two senior Varsity M-Club athletes during second quarter on Oct. 28.  The final Wellness Activity will be in the fourth quarter.


Ms. Adrianna Magistro and Mrs. Donna Broekemeier join in the exercise fun.

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