Celebrity encounters ordinary to extraordinary


Some days in life are absolutely unforgettable. For a few Marian girls, an average day became memorable when they came up close and personal with celebrities and got to meet them on a rsthand basis rather than just idolizing them for their songs on the radio or appearances on TV.

Many encounters are not anticipated or even expected. Sophomore Nina Oleynikov was enjoying works of art in the Chicago Art Museum when someone strangely familiar caught her eye. She nally realized that this tall, seemingly normal man admiring art beside her was none other than Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Since no one else recognized this childhood legend, he seemed like every other person enjoying art in the museum. When Oleynikov realized who he was, she approached Nye.

“I thought he would be all nerdy, but he was very nice and was just like any other person looking at art. Celebrities are pretty normal,” Oleynikov said.

Hannah Montana was all the rage when sophomore Lauren Klingemann was in grade school. She got to meet a Disney star whom she had solely idolized from behind a television screen previous to her encounter.


One in a million: Lauren Klingemann ’18 smiles for a picture with Mitchell Musso. Klingemann was thrilled to get her visor signed by him after a performance at the College World Series. Photo courtesy of Lauren Klingemann. 

“Mitchel Musso performed at the College World Series Opening Ceremonies in 2009. Of course, I was like all other typical 9-year-old girls who was in love with the TV show “Hannah Montana.” After the concert, all of the screaming girls, including me, crowded behind the stage around the barriers and waited,” Klingemann said.

Eventually Mitchel Musso, more commonly known as the lovable Oliver Oken, came out to greet and take pictures with his adoring fans.

“When he got to me, the only thing I had that was ‘signable’ was a visor I was wearing. So he signed the visor, and my mom got a picture of us hug- ging. After this experience, whenever I was asked what I would save if my house was on re, I would always say my Mitchel-Musso-autographed visor. At the time, I thought it was the best moment of my life,” Klingemann said.

It’s no secret that junior Emma Morford is completely infatuated with Demi Lovato, so when Morford came into contact with her idol in Kansas City before Lovato’s concert, the moment was life changing.


Exactly where she’s supposed to be: Emma Morford ’17 poses with Demi Lovato before a concert in Kansas City. Lovato has been Morford’s idol her whole life, and this was a life-changing moment for her. Photo courtesy of Emma Morford.

“I’ve always looked up to her, and it had been my dream for a while, but she is, overall, an amazing person. You can tell that she really cares about you when she’s talking even though we had just met,” Morford said.

It’s easy for a celebrity to put him/herself on a pedestal because of his/her outrageously successful career. However, this is not the case for a certain humble, blonde, cat-loving pop queen. Taylor Swift has been junior Alyssa Carlson’s idol since 2008. When Carlson entered the Swiftstakes for a chance to meet her inspiration, Carlson never dreamed she would end up winning the biggest grand prize. Carlson won the opportuni- ty to meet the one and only Taylor Swift for Swift’s 1989 World Tour at the Centurylink Center on Oct. 9, 2015.

image1 (1)

Wildest Dreams: Alyssa Car;son ’17 embraces her idol Taylor Swift in a hug at the Century Link Center. Carlson won the chance to meet Swift through the Swiftstakes during her 1989 World Tour. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Carlson. 

“She told me I fit perfectly into her hug, and I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited about anything,” Carlson said.

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